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My name is Zach siota and this is the HVAC news that's fake and efforts to Find dealers I don't know about any Potential shortcomings and a piece of Equipment Goodman has reached out to People that do not know that Goodman Exists now since Goodman is based in Texas they've decided to stand next to The Rio Grande river and hand out dealer Pamphlets as people swim across and They've adopted a new slogan a new Goodman dealer crosses the border every Hour in a recent press conference Linux Manufacturing was assaulted and prodded By reporters that knew that many Linux Units were having trouble with Refrigerant leaks in haste and in Anger Linux hastily responded hey all units Leak Then one of the Linux dealers stood up In order to support their manufacturing Company and says yeah that's right all Linux units leak In other Linux news news came out today That Linux is nothing more than a Goodman unit that has two extra relays In it and 14 extra wires Linux Engineers Reported that they had been told to take A Goodman unit and add 13 extra things To it that were totally unnecessary And Calendar's recent meeting at the Boom Boom Room that we discussed a few Weeks ago it came to light that there Were some mishaps at the Boom Boom Room

From some miscommunications between Calidase heating and air and some of the Boom Boom Room staff Unfortunately some of the Boom Boom Room Staff heard calories heating and air Discussing suction and head and got the Wrong idea when they asked all of the Men to move to the back for the special Meeting Calades heating and air said oh no there Seemed to be some mistake except for a Couple guys who thought it was worth Checking out The State Board of examiners for several States has come up with a new plan for Addressing super tech issues in their States Super techs are technicians that tend to Be braggarts boastful even when there's Nothing to brag or buzzed about The states decided that each super tech That was convicted of at least one count Of super tectum had to put their Installs on protalk for one week and That should take care of all the Self-confidence that they had built up My name is axiota and this was the HVAC News that is fake [Music] Thank you [Music]

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