Why I am Comfortable with Goodman HVAC

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On the carrier is the best hvacr unit That was a narrative hook so you guys Would watch that video I learned that at YouTube school it's where I make my Thumbnails too No way let's be real Reem Goodman and American Standard did you just put Goodman Goodman Oh no we got to answer this comment You accidentally Wrote Goodman Must have been an auto correct Ah there we go all right Let's go ahead and reply because you Know he needs to know about that stuffer People are going to think that he likes Goodman okay and we I know he doesn't Want that in his life Renee is saying he's installed Goodman For 10 years and no issues every time I Start complaining about Goodman there's Always a guy who's always like Goodman Dang it I've had some problems with Goodman I'll Be honest with you I had some problems With Goodman over the years and I like To poke a little fun at him but you know What I'm perfectly comfortable with Goodman Because I feel like it's like the devil You know they all have all these issues But good man I'm so familiar with I Could build a Goodman in here give me

One day I'll build a Goodman I like that Dallas that's funny let's See if we have anything else here we got Old school communication methods for HVAC text when I grew up this is Jeffrey Cell phones are just now catching on Between 20 and 30 years behind the USA Right now it's services that use atnt or Nothing they had a heck of a time Getting the infrastructure oh man There's a lot of cell phone history Right there too much cell phone history Losing losing interest one company I Work for had a CB radio That sounds kind of fun Renee cuevos is bringing up a good point Here about generic stuff The Goodman's You can repair them with generic parts And that is a good thing that is a Really cool thing where you go out to a Goodman call and this is something I Always liked about Goodman in Amana Because of the same thing or Daikin or Daikin When you have parts of fail and I can't Speak to Guyton I've never worked on Daikin now I've only worked on the Amanda and the Goodman A lot of the stuff you can repair with Parts on hand even if you have to get a Warranty part you can fix it Which I value that very highly I like The fact that you can fix it because if You can't fix something in a reasonable

Amount of time it gets you into hot Water and it gets you into a lot of Long-winded scuffles Because you got to order something and Like you know how it is nowadays you Want to go and you call into the supply House you know ring ring ring ring ring Yes this is good my supply house what's Your problem Or however they answer I don't know how They answer and then you say I need an ECM motor module and you hear them just Go Which one and then they tell you that It's it's four years out or something Like that and you say well I need a PSC Motor it's like we got 70 of those thank You come pick one up I just like it being simple I like Simple stuff because I think it's like Tortoise in the hair I mean no matter How efficient something is if it costs More and more to service it then what Did you really gain Comfort I guess it's Comfort

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