Trane’s New Age Duel Fuel System

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So this is Mitsubishi electric train HVAC us that's a lot of words in a row That seem like they're just trying to Get keywords announces intelli heat dual Fuel system well this is pretty cool see I'm gonna read here basically I can skip Down to the third paragraph I think During periods of extreme cold until the Heat may switch to the gas furnace That's right gas furnace we don't need We don't even Light Gas anymore I think California is trying to get rid of gas Which is a shame because they already Have brownouts an electrical grid not Sure how that's going to work But whatever So with this train and teleheat it may Switch to gas furnace as needed based on Capacity threshold in economic balance Points so economic balance points where Does it cost more to run the heat pump Instead of the gas so it can switch over To gas is basically what they're getting At there The intelligent switchover function Built into the control box of the Intelli heat system coordinates Operation of the furnace and the Mitsubishi electric heat pump the smart Heating management is designed to result In lower gas usage and reduced Greenhouse gas emissions while providing Homeowner comfort so here's the thing I Don't understand we're going right back

To this I have an electrical system but It's plugged to a grid that's called Coal powered a lot of it I'm all down with doing something Efficiently see I'm and I'm gonna go Back to the other screen for just a Second we'll pop back up here's here's My issue with this My issue with this is not that I'm Anti-technology just I feel like if You're gonna create something and Usher Everybody into the future we should be Able to afford it number one because It's it's almost like it's It's it doesn't really I'm trying to say It's a misconception or misdirection When you say they're gonna save all this Money on your heating system or cooling System or Whatever You're Gonna Save Tons of money but you're gonna pay so Much for the system that it's going to Take you so long to pay it back and by The time you get near that threshold You're going to be over there buying a Part for it which a is going to cost way More than just a normal system and B It's not in stock anyway because as you Get out into that very specific region You also get into the proprietary region Where they just make this one fan motor It's a DC fan motor and it only works With this one system And that's it's on a boat right now in Between China we think Pirates actually

Have attacked this boat and they're in Control of the DC fan motors because the Somali pirates now know that those are More valuable than anything else that's What I worry about I think if you have a Good distributor you're not going to Have a problem with that if you have a Distributor that's well stocked or You're a large enough company where you Actually stock the parts and you know You're not gonna have a problem with That it's a great Point Luke vagel in The comments I sell Comfort not Efficiency I sell Comfort not efficiency I think That's the right way to go I think we Had to talk about this on this show at One point About how I think it was Zone systems Actually you're not selling the fact That they cost less you're selling the Fact that the house is more comfortable And that makes sense because if you tell Somebody I can make your house within Two or three degrees in every single Room Or we can do a cheaper system where you Might have a swing of whatever the legal Limit is for if there's legal limit is Is legal it may sound like you're Drinking but like if you have like a Four Degree swing And uh yeah we'll do the boss in a

Second the boss is doing is better than Before The swing of four degrees and humidity And humidity temperature Maybe it's not quite four because now You're supposed to have a swing but it Doesn't mean a real life you have a Swing and that's one of the other Problems I have there's a lot of Theoretical stuff out there that when You put it into real life it changes now I will say that with the CR2 that's more Reflective of a real environment when You're going from sear to C or two and You're having to put the system up Against a higher static pressure man and You're just putting it up against normal Static pressure you're not even counting All the systems that are double that so I mean it's kind of where you should be If you're going if if everything's equal Then you should be doing it against 0.5 I'm not saying that their systems are Perfect I'm just saying that it wasn't Realistic before I personally think we should be able to Put intensive equipment That condenser costs like 400 bucks back In the day I still remember the Johnstone receipt 450 for your condenser That sounds good I'll do that Let's get to uh so I agree with Luke It's about it's about Comfort not Efficiency I get that but when it's so

Far out of bounds I mean if you have Someone of means who doesn't care I mean That's fine with me I care I mean I Don't have a whole lot of extra means Floating around here but God look it's a Ruby it's Ruby guys it's not like it's Uh something fancy like Bauer All right uh Shannon Knight comes in Here saying he likes swingers unrelated Topic uh John says how is your boss Doing with humidity you know the first Year with Bosh it was the worst uh I Don't know if you know this but I did Zone it afterwards and the zoning Improved the situation the the set point All my whole life my set Point's been Low for cooling and heating so the fact That it's cool for both of them means It's just me personally but I'll tell You straight up I'll set the thing at Like 70 degrees I'll set my AC at 69 Degrees I like it cold and heating time And heating season I I wouldn't mind now My family won't do this but I wouldn't Mind if it was 65 inside the house I Because I'm all the time outside I'm out Here in the shop shop doesn't have an Air conditioner right now it's 64.9 in here but when I come in here in The morning it's like 48. it still holds A little bit of residual heat we have The computer in here we have Chargers we Have some tools that run the lighting So I mean it's 48 it's pretty cold I

Turn the heater on for a little while But I mean it's it's okay I'm okay with That sort of thing when it gets down Into the 30s we got a problem because I Don't know I'm getting older or whatever It is my fingers will start hurting and It'll actually be difficult to use my Hands because the the joints will hurt Like an old person or like any one of us Out there that's worked in the trade for Like 20 years And your joints take a beating how's Everybody's knees doing you know what I'm saying how's the kneecaps doing How's your back doing from all the times You were so strong when you were younger And you were showing off It's just one of those things yeah You're going to have wear and tear on Those joints uh my HVAC life says my Dual fuel switches at 30 degrees outdoor Temperature works great trains two States 18i heat pump with s s9v s9v Furnace So that's pretty good I mean most of the Time I remember them being a little bit Higher than that but I guess it depends On what system you're putting in too Because you can put in like a blanket Like I'm gonna do it at 35 degrees I'm Gonna do it 38 degrees or whatever it is That you choose each system is better in Different conditions So I mean a heat pump that's a variable

Speed That's going to be able to heat more Efficiently at lower temperatures so These guys let me go over to the other Screen because these guys were having it Like insanely low All right let's see During periods of extreme cold until the Heat may switch to the gas furnace is Needed based on capacity threshold and Economic balance points intelligence Skip skip skip until the heat connects To a Mitsubishi Electric single or Multi-zone outdoor heat pump and is Available in 1824 30 all the way to 42 Capacities hyper heat inverters h2i Systems are compatible and available for Both single and multi-zone applications The h2i models provide full rated Heating capacity even when the outdoor Ambient is as low as five degrees So there you go five degrees right there When you have and we talked about this Previously on the show because I brought Up the Bosch statistics on Heating and I Brought up like an old good menu did on Heating because I like to beat up on Goodman because that's because Goodman Deserves it basically that's why I like To beat up on them because they sit There and go hit me hit me The Goodman drops off like a rock in Cold weather as far as capacity these Things do not the hyper heat does not so

You're going to change that balance Point can be much lower which is good Meaning that you don't have to run that Gas and take it down to five degrees if That were my neck of the woods that Wouldn't be ever that would never happen But in different parts of the country Like I was looking at the forecasts my Wife's family lives in Oconomowoc Wisconsin and it was going to be 30 for The high all week but I've seen days When there was a few days that like a Negative number was the high I'm like I Don't think so Tim my fingers hurt and It's 35 degrees I don't know what They're gonna feel like at negative five I'm pretty sure it's gonna suck so That's a negative on that uh John says You have the H or you have the 2.0 Bosch I do I do have the 2.0 boss it has a Two-speed fan motor and like I said with The zoning I've been more pleased with It this year and I'm thinking that when I first put it in Chuck was telling me He's like hey all right maybe this has To do with some of the residual moisture That's in the house itself and at first I was like all right well I don't want To dissipate really really fast but then I thought about it because here's what Happened I got some One of my friends owns a lumber mill so He cut me some long uh 12×3 uh Pine Pieces of lumber and to dry out

Completely because each inch of this Wood might take up to a year to dry Depending on what you're doing if you're Doing slow That is three years Of drying out so it definitely makes Sense that when you first have a house That's been open especially in the Summertime here and you're trying to Condition it it could take a substantial Time to dry out that makes a lot of Sense and that's why all the my cabinets Flexed Off the Wall I mean there's like A quarter inch gap on some of the Cabinets which the home company doesn't Want to fix because they say it's out of Warranty even though their guy came to Fix it and didn't fix it right the first Time I try to tell my wife says let me Just I'll just work on the house myself Let's leave these guys out okay because These guys it's like watching the Freaking uh Home Warranty company arrive It's like Hey where's the problem man I Got some glue sticks you know it's like No thanks pal come back some other time

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