HOW TO FIX FURNACE NO HEAT \\ Three Easy Checks You Can Do Yourself with One Hour Heating in Olathe

I'm gonna give you three simple things
to check if you're experiencing a problem with your furnace first of all
is let's check the thermostat I want you to go to the thermostat don't touch it
don't make any adjustments at this point I just want you to look at the
thermostat is it properly set on heat you got a heat cool off system switch
that should be in the heat mode and is the temperature setting set above the
recorded room temperature and the term for that is is it calling for Heat as a
thermostat saying yes I need you on sometimes it's not or sometimes it might
be a programmable thermostat where those settings have changed and you weren't
aware of it so I want you to double check secondly we want to make sure
whether we have power to the furnace or not many times the the furnace is kind
of dead in the water I can't get anything to work and and do we have
power to the furnace and there's a real simple way for you to do that you're
gonna see on that thermostat there's another switch there it's your fan
switch you'll either be marked fan or blower and it will have two settings
automatic and on some will have a circulate mode but typically just two I
don't want to confuse it just to automatic or on I want you to set it in
the on position by doing that what you're doing is you're telling the
blower to come on to run non-stop and so when you switch that switch there you
should hear the furnace blower come on you go to a nearby register you should
feel air blowing out of the register if you do not we know that we've got some
sort of power issue we have given it a direct call for the blower to come on
and if it's not doing that it means you've got a power problem or something
like that the third thing I want you to check is I want you to go downstairs and
I want to do a hard reset of the furnace many furnaces today have multiple
circuit boards on them and and these appliances have a lot of
safety controls features in them that can sense whether your furnace is having
a problem or not and it can lock itself out because it's it's sensing a problem
that's how it tells you that there is a problem but what we can do is we can
reset that by simply removing power from the furnace so we're gonna turn the
switch off there should be a power switch an external power switch on the
side of the furnace looks much like a light switch on the wall but there's
gonna be a little service box there I want you to power it off and count to
ten seconds yours may have a plug in and Matt be a service plug I want you to
remove the plug and then count to about ten and plug it back in if it is a plug
another sure way to check to see if there's power there power there is to
get a lamp your iron anything hair dryer plug it in and do I have power at that
plug that's a real simple way of doing it but most people have a switch so it's
a little harder to do but when you power that switch back on you have now done a
hard reset of the furnace it should have cleared out any faults and so it should
have a good call for heat because we've already checked the thermostat upstairs
you should have a good call for heat you should hear action in the furnace
now if you don't this is the point in time where it's best to call a
professional there's something going on you've you've you've checked all those
most simple rudimentary things I've got power to the furnace I've got a good
call for heat and now there's something wrong it's now time to have a
professional take a look at it so I hope this has helped I think many times you
can crack the little problems just by following these simple steps so hope
that helps and thanks for watching

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