Top 5 Central Air Conditioners 2023: Best Commercial Corded Electric Units Reviewed

The Top 5 Central Air Conditioners on the Market

If you’ve been looking to install or overhaul a heating or cooling system, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the five best central air conditioners available on the market. So, let’s dive in and explore these top contenders!

1. Best Overall: Goodman Three-Ton Central Air Conditioner

Goodman is a well-known brand in the air conditioner industry, offering a wide range of clean comfort-branded air purifying and humidity control accessories. These include a media filter, a true HEPA filter, an electronic air cleaner, and a UV light. The Goodman three-ton central air conditioner uses the best two-stage compressor, and the AlumaFin-7 coil is an all-aluminum coil, including fins and tubes.

Reduced Corrosion and Leaks

With no dissimilar metals, corrosion and leaks are significantly reduced in this air conditioner. It runs on the low stage (which is 65% capacity) most of the time. This means that if the job of cooling and dehumidifying your home can be accomplished at this lower stage, it will use less energy.

2. American Standard Scratch and Dent Central Air Conditioner

The American Standard four-ton air conditioner is capable of providing an impressive 48,000 BTUs of cooling power. It is essential to note that the tonnage of a unit’s cooling capacity has no bearing on its weight whatsoever. While this unit is by no means lightweight (weighing a jaw-dropping 400 pounds), it is nowhere near the 8,000 pounds that most people understand the four-ton label to imply.

Efficient and Durable

With a SEER rating of 13, this unit is highly durable and efficient. However, due to its colossal size, professional installation is recommended to ensure that it operates safely and effectively.

3. Carrier Scratch and Dent Central Air Conditioner

The Carrier Scratch and Dent central air conditioner is capable of providing a nominal cooling capacity of 36,000 BTUs. This unit is suitable for commercial installation, offering an efficient air conditioning solution for various consumer needs. However, due to its massive size (weighing about 350 pounds), it is crucial to consult a contractor when installing or transporting this unit.

4. Lennox Elite Central Air Conditioner

Lennox air conditioners are known for their efficiency at all levels of quality – basic, better, and best. Every AC unit produced by Lennox is certified by ENERGY STAR for efficiency. The compressors in these air conditioners can run at a capacity of about 30% to 100% to precisely meet cooling demand.

Durable Aluminum Alloy

Lennox uses the Quantum Coil, a durable aluminum alloy, in the refrigerant tubing and the coils’ radiator-like fins. The advantages include better resistance to corrosion in salt environments and a lower upfront cost.

5. Goodman Four-Ton Central Air Conditioner

Goodman HVAC equipment has gone through quite a transformation in the last decade. Once known as cheap in terms of both quality and price, the brand has managed to maintain lower-than-average prices while significantly improving the quality of their units.

Remote Bluetooth Diagnostics

Goodman’s Cool Cloud app offers remote Bluetooth diagnostics using a smart device. The units are charged with refrigerant for up to 15 feet of refrigerant line. In many installations, this can reduce overall installation costs. In addition, Goodman offers ComfortBridge technology to optimize performance and efficiency.

In standard operation, the thermostat tells the air conditioner when to turn on and off and what stage to run at if staged. This feature ensures that your Goodman air conditioner operates with precision and at the highest levels of efficiency.


Choosing the right central air conditioner for your home or business can be a daunting task. However, with the options available in today’s market – such as the Goodman Three-Ton, American Standard Scratch and Dent, Carrier Scratch and Dent, Lennox Elite, and Goodman Four-Ton central air conditioners – there is a suitable solution for everyone.

Whichever unit you choose, always remember to consult with a professional HVAC technician to ensure proper installation, optimal efficiency, and safety. Thank you for reading our article on the top five central air conditioners on the market. We hope it helps you make an informed decision for your next air conditioning investment.

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