Genial & Einfach ! | Stanley FATMAX Werkzeugbox & Unterstellbock mit unschlagbaren extra Features

Hello tool fans, welcome to, my name Sebastian. And today we're going to look at two elements of Stanley FATMAX and those are both things that are really, really awesome. I've used this part several times. I saw that and thought I had always needed it. We now do the following, we will now look at it in no time. We have here … what do you call that? No, I'll just show you right now. Here we do one by one. This is just awesome, because we just have ….. No, we don't. We have a step here and thus a mini ladder, so to speak, and it is so ingeniously made. At first I thought well, I don't know. Is that a nice thing now or does it even need to be? Yes, I need that. And I wish I had had this for the last 10 years because every time I work, do and do, I never get such a small kick. And that little kick. Most of the time you don't need a ladder at all, you just have to go a little higher and you can do that with it.

Man, that's so awesome. So please take a look at the whole thing and we just have two here so we can carry around the whole area and first of all a Mecklenburgs is only to box, but there is much more. We look in and do so we can see we should now unpack. Anyway, they are here now. We can put things in and I can carry this around with me. First of all there is a lot of space. I carry it around like this … Everything is fine. Hey But the joke is you've seen now, I've put this flat here and it's still a step. That's a stage so you can do it that way. We take the whole thing up here, that. We take this, fold this out so and so, then we fold this out here, so outward and so and so.

Then we take the other side, fold this over here and out, take this out of here, because this would like to go first, put it in here, one way and the other, stuck here, stuck here and have a ladder. And by the way, we not only have a ladder, but we can even put it back up here. So and so and can then carry the step around. Yes, if we just say yes, we have both together and want to carry it somewhere. But the highlight is not only that, the whole thing is called Stanley FATMAX, which means that it even carries me. We go on like this. Yes we have here. We have our ladder here, now, here and then we can just stand on it somewhere. That holds 150 kilos here.

So he laughed in vain. 150 kilos. Really not. So we really have something here where they say I have a little step, always with us now, we can climb a small step and the whole thing holds. Take a look at everything here. And you might have the feeling that I'm a little crazy. But I am too, because I think it's great that you always have your kick with you.

And these are the little helpers that are really fun. And in contrast to the kick that makes me really big, it doesn't even cost a lot. The whole thing costs less than 70 euros. So you only get a tool box with the step for around 70 euros. That's awesome. In this respect, take a look at the honest price comparison below, which otherwise won't buy us the corresponding offer. But we know there is such a thing. And now we're going to look over there again. This is really awesome, because we have here .

What you often need on the move are work trestles, and there you have those rickety wooden trestles or stuff somewhere with something. And here you have two bucks, two work bucks for between 98 euros. Also here in the price comparison below. If I'm interested, just drop by and you'll have it with you on the go. So here we have ours, our tools, which we can simply take with us. And look at how compact they are. Completely compact. So you can take a transporter with you, also stow it upright somewhere in the corner, so that it can also drive in. So, that's gone again. Can also take it out again. But you can also not be so right to the right left white.

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Take the whole thing to the other side and carry it from there. Or as a couple or whatever. So now we just have this here. So and now we want to use it too, of course. You don't have to do anything except open the whole thing here and here. And now we have two. Just make this opening like here , solve that, the whole thing here, you can take this out of here, then so and so. Even if the whole thing is here and we have our compact work trestle with us . So we've now ticked it off as a foot. I played around with a little earlier ….. That's how we have it here, our ram.

We'll do it again quickly so that you can see it too. That it works with both. Drive the same in here again. So easy to open here only once. Out, up. Same here again. Because these are exactly the things that a do-it-yourselfer is often looking for. Yes, it costs more than those very simple blocks that you usually have. you can also build it yourself. It's also a good idea as a beginner to try something out for yourself. But if in the hardware store and bought such a goat, then it costs between 10 and 20 euros made of metal rather than 20 25 euros. And then they are there, not mobile, standing around everywhere and so on.

Here you have a solution that you can stow away super compactly. You can put the farthest corner. If you need it, take it out. What does she have for the second and can she then put the second stand down accordingly and work on it here? And they are extremely stable and you can use them right away. The additional benefit of the whole thing is the following: You can do the whole thing. Here you can also put a round steel or something like a broom or a square timber in here and that will keep you in here right away. Yes, you have the notches here accordingly.

Can you put this in here and work on it and it won't slide or roll away? Yeah, we'll take this and have fun accordingly. And when we look at that, let's take it, because now we have our two goats again and we have a ladder that we still have and we can reverse it. We take the whole thing and stow it away again. And then we just have to take this out of here again, take this out of here.

So, I didn't open it up like that, but you can still see that it's very easy. So. Suff .. So over here so our tool and you see, we really have a super fast system here. There are no more excuses to stand on any chairs or wobbly construction to get up somewhere quickly on your construction site. At the moment when you want to work on something , just as you have to say down here with the two parts , if these are not really great work areas, then I don't know either.

Because this compactness, this stability and everything together for the price. So that really blew me away. Just like with the ladder. Write me in the comments what you think of these two things, whether you really say no, there is also much better from the other company or do you need it? how do you see it? Write and in the comments I look forward to reading you and now get to the tools and see you next time..

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