HVAC FAKE NEWS | 1/30/23

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Foreign [Music] In the fake news here we are I'm doing It here live there was a National Spelling Bee for various HVAC Manufacturers which was won in a Surprise win by Goodman Manufacturing Although Goodman could barely spell the Words deter Or discombobulate the final championship Word was formicary therefore Goodman was Destined to win Story number one story number two I gotta make sure you know I write stuff Down here and it's hard to read so I Need to work on that okay Recently on a service call technician Bobby Bo Betty stumbled across a unit That had come from train and even the Units now are vaccinated for Coronavirus It seems because while he was in the bad Part of town he found that one unit was Completely full of syringes and he Assumed it was the booster shots for Coronavirus Be careful out there Bobby Store number two story number three this Is this is this is my favorite one Because I wrote down this great town Name in this okay there was an awful Flood in Dishwalla Nebraska they were Counting Blue Cars before the flood Happened it was the oh Kalo Waxahachie River overflowed in Dishwalla Nebraska

But they were able to make a bridge Across it because since Dishwalla is Mostly trailer parks they were able to Find enough Nordyne badges to build a Bridge and that is the fake news guys [Music] All right

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