Diagnosa Troubleshooting AC Mobil

For your car's air conditioner to have a problem that never gets resolved, you don't need to worry and despair, you can do a Diagnostic troubleshooting analysis so you can colorize the problematic part components correctly.
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Car air conditioning is one of the necessities that almost all types and brands of cars must be equipped with an AC cooling system.

Many problems with car AC cooling systems that often occur and not infrequently of those who feel tired with the problems of the car AC cooling system that have not been resolved.

The problem of car air conditioning is considered a very complex problem and it is not easy to be handled immediately and back to normal, Why is the problem of the car cooling or air conditioning system so difficult to handle ..? In my opinion, the problem is natural because the air conditioning system in the vehicle is equipped with supporting components that are interrelated and it is not easy to diagnose the component parts that are problematic, and you or the mechanic must be very careful, careful and patient in making a verdict.

The components that support the vehicle AC cooling system have a problem.

Usually mechanics repairing components of AC cooling parts are just speculation and tend to be less precise in replacing or repairing components so that repair costs are greater and the problem of car air conditioning is not resolved.

Come on, just how do you diagnose problematic car air conditioners and the solution as follows:

1. Check Freon, The first is a freon check, if the problem is that your vehicle's car air conditioner is no longer cold and the AC outlet only produces a gust of wind, it could also be because the AC freon runs out or the AC compressor does not work. You can check to make sure whether your freon is still there or really has run out.

How to check the freon, you can use a stick or nail then open the valve or valve on the AC pipe then puncture the AC pipe valve, when pressed the sound ces means the freon is still there.

But if the AC pipe valve is pressed with a nail or no ces, it means that the AC freon has run out.

2. Check AC Relay, Then you can check and make sure your car's AC relay is still functioning properly. If your car's AC relay has a problem, your car's AC compressor cannot work so that the AC freon pressure does not work so that your car's AC outlet will only emit air.

3. Check the evaporator, If your car's air conditioner is still not cold or not cold at all, you can make sure and check the components of this one part, namely the evaporator, is it still normal or has leaked or clogged so that your car's air conditioner is not optimal in the process of cooling your car room.

A leaky evaporator will cause a freon leak so that the freon will quickly run out and your car's AC cooling system will have problems.

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Not only does the evaporator leak, but the evaporator can also be dirty which results in an unpleasant odor in the cabin of your car due to dust that settles and clogs up.

Read more: Signs The starter motor has a problem, You can clean and repair the components of this evaporator part so that your car's air conditioner returns to normal cold as before.

4. Check Compressor, Then you can check the compressor, this compressor includes a very vital and important component in the AC cooling system. The ac compressor works with the engine speed that is connected using a fan and attached to the puley.

The compressor functions as freon compression to be compressed with air so that the air that enters the car cabin is cold.

5. Check the dryer, Many of the vehicle or car owners don't really know and understand the components of this one part, namely the dryer.

This dryer is a component of the AC cooling system which is shaped like a bottle and is usually black in color. This dryer is usually located on the front of the car around the condenser in the front bumper.
6. Check the condenser, Please note that the condenser is a component part of your car's AC cooling system, the function of the condenser is to convert or heat exchanger to be condensed from high pressure gas to high pressure liquid which is then flowed to the receiver dryer and then forwarded to the expansion valve.

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