Panasonic AC Timer Blinking Problem – Part 1

Okay good evening everyone. Today's video I am going to show you how to
cancel timer blinking problem on your Panasonic air conditioner. Okay, as you can see now my air conditioner
it has the timer. The timer light is on and some time
this light is blinking. Okay to cancel or reset it. You just have your remote control. Here on my hand you can see.

And than you have to have somethings press
on this deeper button. You can see here is AC-RESET. So that mean you are going to reset your air
conditioner. So point your pointer to air conditioner and
than just press it and wait a moment. So you can see the air conditioner grill is
turning on. And than wait until it close. So now you can see the timer light is disappear. Now you can turn on your air conditioner as
well. Okay guys, after you reset your air conditioner
and than your timer blinking still appear after a few minutes.

pexels photo 3807319

It means there are something error on your
air conditioner. So the next video, I will help you what to
do with this problem. Let see in the next video, I will put in the
description when finish upload the new video. And I will put the card on this video. You can see on the top will appear here or
something. So let see together. Okay, and that all for this video. It will help you to solve you problem with
your timer blinking on your Panasonic air conditioner. Okay, thank you guys and I hope to see you
again in the next video.

Bye bye and have a nice day..

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