Carrier Mini Split Heat Pump: Step-by-Step Ductless Installation Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Installing a Carrier Mini-Split System

Preparing the Wall and Bracket

Installing a Carrier mini-split system is an efficient and cost-effective way to regulate the heating and cooling in your home or workspace. Begin by preparing the area where you plan to place your unit. It’s essential to locate the studs in the wall for a secure and stable fit. Use a stud finder for accuracy and ensure your brackets catch at least two studs.

The Advantage of MyT Bracket

A new product called MyT Bracket simplifies the installation process by enabling one person to manage the task. The MyT Bracket saves time and effort, as it eliminates the need for another person to assist.

Handling Electrical Connections

After attaching the bracket, remove two screws on the unit and open the panel to access the electrical connections. Cut the cable using proper cable cutters and create a safe and secure connection with a redhead and BX cable. Doing so will protect the wires and prevent potential damage.

Working with Line Set, Drain Line, and Signal Wire

The line set provided is typically 25 feet long, though you may need to cut it to fit your space. Ensure the drain line is properly insulated to avoid condensation inside the wall. The signal wire serves as a communication link between the evaporator and the condenser outside unit. Feed it through the wall to establish a connection.

Assembling the Drain Kit

The factory-supplied drain kit has ridges that lock together when assembled. Push until it snaps together and add a wire tie to secure the connection.

Pressure in the System and Cutting the Line Set

Carrier mini-split systems have considerable pressure in their pipes. When removing the caps, release the pressure slowly to avoid injury. Cut the line set carefully and without damaging other parts of the unit.

Checking for Leaks

Test the connections at 200 psi to check for any leaks. A well-functioning unit will show no bubbles during this process. If you choose to cut the line set and weld it, ensure that the welding is properly done to avoid leaks. A 25-foot line set requires adjusting the charge if shortened, while leaving the line set intact will not require any adjustments.

Finalizing the Installation and System Startup

Ensure that the communication cable between the evaporator and condenser is connected correctly. Start the unit and confirm that it runs smoothly and efficiently. The entire installation process, with the help of a few skilled workers, takes about five hours.


Installing a Carrier mini-split system is a practical way of regulating your indoor temperature and improving overall comfort. By following this comprehensive guide, you can ensure a smooth, efficient, and safe installation process. Remember to always adhere to safety guidelines and consult a professional if you are unsure about any aspect of the installation.

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