yo what's up masters a good morning, noon afternoon or evening to all of you it's a product review for now masters join me to review my new lunch box!!! here it is no, joke only this is my new purchased toolbox you know I fond of doing DIYs and stuffs my toolbox in my house is already full I saw it at the mall I liked the design it's pretty big just right because my other toolbox is already full so without further ado come on join me to review this toolbox let's go so this is it guys let's start the review that's the brand name Tactix its features are also listed on the label that's the dimension 24 and a half inch that's why it's quite long then it has heavy-duty steel latches this is it easy to open also easy to close and then it's second features is it has an aluminum handle with TPR grip this is it masters this is also one I liked here because it looks really durable made of aluminum this whole handle then, it has TPR grip Thermo Plastic Rubber that's why the grip is pretty good when you hold it here not too slippery because this is made of rubber then it has includes tote tray tote tray that tray is inside the toolbox here you go masters it has tray you can put your other tools here that's the inside so spacious with this ample space I'm sure this is enough for your tools and pieces of stuff to put in let's put back the tray then, it has also 2 pieces removable organizers here it is masters it's on the other side then also on the other side those two are the same it has a latch also you can put spare parts here you can remove this this one has a partition you can also remove this it's removable if you have something long to put in here you can detach it just put it in here let's put it back there you go these two are the same here it is located on the side of the toolbox then here there is also a padlock holder you can put padlock here so that no one interferes with your belongings only you have the access the weight is not written here if it is empty but it's quite heavy maybe this is 1 ton I'm not sure masters if how much but it's quite heavy coz it's pretty huge the price of this masters I bought it for I'm here in Malaysia that's why the price is in Ringgit It is around or in Philippine Peso so that's it masters I will end up my vlog here for today please thumbs up the video and please share likewise and please do subscribe by clicking the that one the red subscribe button there and also click the bell button to get notified when I have newly uploaded videos so that's all for today masters peace out!!!

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