Orient Dc Inverter Ac Error Codes E1, E3, E5 Explained in Detail

Asalam-u-alakum Friends! I am Nadeem Robin so today on which topic we will talk that is orient inverter air conditioner the error codes are shown on it What does they mean? How can we repair them lets go towards working table and here I will explain you So Friends! Now we are on our working table and here I will describe you about the circuit and today….. The error codes we will discuss is Three error codes First one is E1 Second is E3 Third is E5 These three error codes we will discuss and one by one i will describe you That when on your Ac these error occur on display and your Ac stops working so what does it mean? you can do it by yourself………..or you have to call a professional for it Going toward further video So Friends! Further going towards video First I want to tell you about some safety precautions and I have also discuss it in previous videos whenever you work on electronics or repairing the circuit If you dont know about it anything So dont repair it For further damage its better to take to a professional Beside this If doing electric work so must take your safety precautions so that you cant have any physical damage and the thing you are repairing cant damage more and we will have some look on this circuit and see this circuit this is Orient DC Inverter indoor circuit If we physically check it When we physically check it So its fuse as you can see its fuse has burnt and black colour take place and this is IC This IC has also been burnt in it This is its capacitor beside this we will check other things and will replace it and repair it and will further tell you about the error codes So Friends! This is Orient remote and this is its circuit and now it is Absolutely all right As you can see Light has get ON and this circuit is repaired Now its fully repaired and Now we will ON it we ON it Now it will give us error First of all the error code i will discuss with you is …………

And the error code is First error code is E1 What does E1 error mean? Today we will discuss with you E1 error So Friends now we will ON it We ON it E1 error has occur Now I will tell you……. What does E1 error means? So Friends ! As you can see the blue colour connector here This is room Temp Sensor When your Room Temp Sensor gets faulted or short circuited so on your display E1 error will occur to repair it you have to change its Room Temp Sensor after changing it If still error occur it means your circuit is faulted For this you have to repair the circuit or change it So Friends as you can see we have again attach its connector and this is its Sensor and we will connect Sensor again we intentionally take out Sensor so that we can understand you E1 error so now we have connect it again so we will ON it so E1 error will not occur on it If error occur so it means circuit is faulted as you can see its motor is started and now E1 error will not occur Now we will discuss about our next error code and it is E3 when E3 error occur on your display so it means that your Sensor Green colour is its Sensor this is Pipe Temp Sensor Which senses Temp of a Pipe Coil we intentionally take out it so that E3 error occur so that we can explain you Now we will ON it We ON it E3 error has occur it means your Pipe Temp Sensor is faulted or short circuited or your circuit is damage and now we have again connect the connector and its Coil Sensor looks something like this Our next error code is E5 when E5 occur on display so what does it mean First of all we will ON its circuit we ON the circuit Fan Motor has get started after some while E5 will occur on it then i will tell you what does it mean as you can see error has occur on display What does E5 mean? It means when Communication Error occur Between indoor and outdoor Connection gets disconnect ………


Then E5 error will occur It can occur due to 2-3 reasons First reason when your outdoor circuit gets damage or if the connections betweem them line neutral and signal wire from these wire if any get damage then also E5 error occur Or if your circuit is not fully connected Our circuit is not fully connected and the error is occuring and it is known as Communication Error because of this your outdoor circuit can damage indoor circuit can also have problem but it will in that case when your outdoor circuit will totally alright and then we have to check whether indoor is faulted or outdoor is faulted ……….

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