DeWalt ToughSYSTEM 1 Vs. Tough SYSTEM 2.0 Toolboxes – Which one is better?

Dewalt Tough System 1 or Tough system 2? 
Hopefully this video can help you decide.   With all the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 
and holiday deals running all month,   it was too hard for me to resist expanding 
my black and yellow storage options.   So first I'll compare each box individually and 
then cover general attributes, which will apply to   all the boxes in each set. As always see 
the information section below if you'd   like to jump to a specific point in the video. 
Let's start at the bottom and work our way up.   These are the dimensions of the extra large 
mobile toolboxes. ToughSystem 1 comes with   a 22 inch mobile toolbox model dwst08250, also 
known as ds450, and 2.0 comes with a 24 inch box   model dwst08450. So 2.0 is slightly larger. Let's 
talk about the internal dimension since storage   is what's important.

While 2.0 is a bit larger on 
the outside, the increase in internal capacity is   minimal when I factor in the topography. With 2.0 
there are indents for the outside handles, wheels,   front buckles, and there's less open space above 
the lid. Regarding weight, system one is weighing   in around 19 pounds while system 2 weighs in 
around 24 pounds. 2.0 is a few pounds heavier,   but given it's a bit larger and has larger wheels, 
I'm basically comparing apples to bananas. System   one's load rating is 88 pounds while system 2.0 is 
250 pounds. crazy Is that right or even possible?   That's what the specs are telling me, but if 
that's right? Wow! That's a lot of tools.

Tough   system one has seven inch diameter wheels 
that are one and three quarters inch thick   and I believe they're hard plastic. The wheels 
of 2.0 are a bit more rugged at eight inches in   diameter and two and a quarter inches thick. It 
looks like they're made of hard rubber and that   would be better for gravel. The axle of tough 
system one is not covered but it is with 2.0 and   they've added a convenient dolly-step for tilting 
it back easier when the box is fully loaded. Of   course neither system 1 nor 2.0's wheels and 
build are as rugged as the dwst08210. That's   the tough system ds carrier, which would be the 
best choice if you tackle a lot of stairs. Both   1 and 2.0 have telescoping handles although the 
handle of 2.0 is thicker and oriented differently.   The handle of 1.0 is modestly taller and there's 
a twisting mechanism for raising and lowering it.   The handle does fold down lower than 2.0; 
however, with 2.0 DeWalt not only changed   the mechanism to an easy push button release, but 
the handle is removable by twisting the tabs at   the bottom making it easier to get the whole thing 
under the cover of a pickup bed.

That's awesome!   Both have nice chunky handles on top, but you'll 
notice the handle of 2.0 is just slightly wider.   For side handles I prefer the handles of system 
one since 2.0 only has underside grip indents.   I'm sure that was done given 2.0's higher load 
rating. Oh my back. In terms of accessibility   you'll notice the handle of system one 
tilts backwards when the lid is open.   It doesn't make a big difference but 
it would if you're in a tight space,   and the lid stays open. 2.0 has a lid that locks 
in the open position without tilting the handle,   so that's an improvement in my opinion. System 
one comes with a three quarter box-top tool tray   and 2.0 comes with a 40% of box-top tool tray. 
Neither trays have adjustable compartments and   both have plastic handles. Honestly, these trays 
aren't important to me since I take them out   to preserve space for tools. I load these boxes 
like a little kid piling tools into a toy hutch.   If you use the tough system 25 and a quarter 
inch workshop racking storage system,   system one's mobile toolbox fits, but it mounts 

2.0 won't fit at all so it's going to   live on the floor. Let's move on to the 22-inch 
large toolboxes that Home Depot calls medium.   System one comes with dwst08203 and 2.0 comes 
with dwst08300. These are the exterior dimensions,   but again my measurements may differ slightly 
from DeWalt's website since they factor in the   latches and every other bumpy surface. Regarding 
interior dimensions, they're about the same but   2.0 looks slightly bigger. Neither are smooth 
corner to corner because both interiors are   contoured for different things. For example, 
1.0 has the latch screws sticking through   and 2.0 has rounded corners likely added for 
strength. 1.0 has more open space in the lid,   but 2.0 makes up for that with box depth. Both 
boxes weigh about 9.4 pounds without the trays   and both have top handles. Again, 2.0's handle is 
a little wider.

Both have rugged comfortable side   handles, although 2.0's are slightly wider, and 
both latch securely into the tough system workshop   racking storage system… Sold separately. System 
one does not have a locking stay open lid like 2.0   although sometimes when I close 2.0 it sounds 
like breaking plastic. Freaks me out! System one   comes with a 95% of box stop tool tray and 2.0 
comes with a roughly 40% of box top tool tray.   Neither trays have adjustable compartments and 
both have plastic handles. As I mentioned earlier,   these trays aren't important to me. All right, 
let's talk about the 22 inch small toolboxes. System one comes with dwst08130 aka ds130 if you 
buy all three boxes together, but since I've built   my system one over time with various combo kit 
purchases I have dwst08201 also referred to as   ds150.

The ds-150 has a top handle, added storage 
under the lid, and eight removable divider cups,   while ds-130 does not have a top handle, only 
four divider cups, and has two separate top   compartments. Exterior dimensions are almost the 
same though with 2.0 being a little larger than   both system 1 boxes. Interior dimensions were 
difficult to measure given all the contoured   surfaces so i did my best. The DS130 weighs 8 
pounds while DS150 and 2.0 both weigh 9.7 pounds.   Neither ds-130 nor 2.0's dwst08165 have a top 
handle, although ds150 does. That's sad because   while it's probably too much weight for a single 
handle, I like being able to grab two boxes at   a time. The DS130 and the large system one 
box have an air lock on top and system 2.0   boxes have this… it accommodates small parts 
organizers like dwst08020. All small boxes have   front handles although 2.0's are wider.

All have 
comfortable rugged side handles although again   2.0's are wider and they all attach into the 
tough system workshop racking storage system. DS130 and DS150 do not have stay open lids, 
but 2.0 does. The DS130 comes with four parts   organizers and two overhead compartments and the 
DS150 comes with eight parts organizers, which   I've removed to make room for my drills, as well 
as overhead storage with two sub compartments.   2.0 has no overhead storage, but comes with two 
enclosed parts organizers with nice adjustable   compartments. That's great for organizing 
small parts but again they reduce tool real   estate so I store them elsewhere. If you're 
still with me… because I know it's a lot of   information and even i'm tired of listening to 
my own voice at this point… now I'll discuss   the overall features. For those of you who try 
to buy things produced in the good old U.S.A.?   Dewalt does offer toolboxes marked with this 

pexels photo 7256937

"Built in the USA with global materials"   and oddly this phrase is trademarked, but all 
of these boxes say, "Made in Israel." Okay!   For security, both systems can be locked with 
padlocks or cable locks, but DeWalt has added   a metal washer for reinforcement to all of the 
2.0 boxes. Systems 1 and 2 are made of heavy duty   structural foam for high impact protection, 
but throw the big or medium box loaded with   tools off a truck? Forget about it! Both are also 
waterproof; however, keep in mind that with all   the nooks and crannies on the tops, leaving these 
in the truck when it rains or outside overnight   when it gets dewy….? Is dewy even a word? … 
you might dump all the moisture into the toolbox.   Make sure the lids are dry before opening them. 
In my opinion the material of one feels tougher,   although the load capacities are higher in system 
2.0, which contradicts my last statement.

Of   course I'm assuming the specs are accurate. 1 and 
2.0 are IP65 rated for water and dust protection.   The gaskets in system 1 are tucked up and 
under the lids while 2.0's are visible and   appear to be thicker. The first time I opened 
a number two… Did i just say that? Anyway,   it sounded like a fresh can of Pringles or tennis 
balls. I should probably redo that last part.   System one has one-piece, solid, anti-rust metal 
latches. I think they're zinc. 2.0 has two-piece,   metal, and plastic latches. I think the metal 
is stainless. I should point it out because I   just noticed that on system one's extra large 
mobile toolbox there aren't any screw and metal   brackets for the latches. None of the latches are 
easy to open and close without hurting yourself,   but I get injured every day. It's not a matter of 
if, it's a matter of how bad and will I need to   go to the hospital. That's just me.

The best way 
to open the locks and avoid injury is to pull up   from the bottom and keep your hands out of the 
way. Regarding the lid's hinges, I have to say   the annoying snapping and cracking of system 
2.0 causes me to question their longevity.   While I like to stay open lids, I think i prefer 
system ones' lids. When it comes to stacking and   attaching boxes, system one's locking mechanisms 
can be stiff. Sometimes it requires a rubber   mount to get these buggers to connect although 
if you're not stacking the boxes the latches   fold nicely out of the way.

They don't do that on 
2.0. 2.0 has patented auto connect for easy on and   one-touch off… or two touch if you count both 
hands. The patented mechanism does have a spring   and sticks up. That could impact longevity if 
you're sliding boxes in and out of a vehicle.   Luckily you can mix and match systems. 2.0 is 
backwards compatible so system one attaches to two   and 2.0 attaches to one. Just keep in mind you'll 
need a system one box on top to attach the power   station with 4-bay charger.

I should also mention 
that system 1.0 has the metal latch on the back   to lock into the utility hand truck, while 2.0 
does not. Dewalt claims that system 2.0 has 20%   more capacity if you factor in all three boxes, 
but keep in mind the mobile box is larger, the   tool tray in the medium box is half the size, and 
the small box doesn't have the storage compartment   under the lid. 20 percent more capacity? Sure, but 
it kind of smells like a marketing gimmick to me.   Speaking of smells… system one smells awful like 
my grandmother's house. May she rest in peace. 2.0   smells like my neighbor Tommy's basement. 
Both smell terrible so there's no clear   winner or loser here. If you're concerned with 
aesthetics 2.0 is shinier. Come on! Who cares?   Let's briefly talk about the warranty. It's a 
lifetime limited warranty, but DeWalt will most   likely expect you to mail the defective box back 
to them for inspection.

Not free or easy and it   may be cheaper just to buy a new box, which makes 
me think, "Fool me once? Shame on you DeWalt. Fool   me twice? I'll be looking at the Milwaukee Pack 
Out. I've heard good things about Ridgid too.   These boxes aren't strangers to issues slash 
fails. Most common are broken tote handles,   wheels falling off, front latches 
snapping off, a box cracking,   or side handle splitting due to weight or a 
fall from a truck. They're tough but they're   not bulletproof. Regarding price… and I should 
point out i missed my black friday deadline to   get this review done…. at Home Depot, tuff 
system 1 ranges from $99 to $119 for the set.   Holy moly that's cheap! System 2.0? $159 for 
the set. Is it worth the price difference?   I think so although for the hardcore contractors, 
consider getting the extra large toolbox without   the wheels and the tough system utility cart. 
Keep in mind the cart is bulky and it has its own   drawbacks which go beyond the scope of this video. 
To wrap up, you'll need to weigh the pros and cons   for yourself to figure out what's the right rig 
for your job.

When I do the math system, 2.0 is   the winner, but not by much. So get your black 
friday, cyber monday, holiday shopping deals on,   before they're gone. I hope this video has 
been helpful. If it has please do me a favor   and like it and consider subscribing. That 
always helps me out. Thanks for watching! …The first time i opened a 
number two…

did i just say that?.

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