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How's it going and welcome back to the Channel in today's video we're gonna be Returning to a job where we found some Low volt wiring issues and it was in the Existing walls and everything to where We can't get to it so we're going to go Back with a wireless thermostat set up And get them all taken care of let's do Some work This video is brought to you by truetech Tools quality tools essential support And by RLS RLS press fittings let you Make a permanent and reliable mechanical Connection in just 10 seconds without The need for brazing the RLS press Fittings were specifically designed and Engineered for use in high pressure HVAC And refrigeration systems they are fully Registered and listed to UL 207 for Pressures up to 700 PSI for more Information go to rapidlockingsystem.com All right before we do that I want to Give you guys an update on the shop we Just got the floors done and man it is Looking good I uh just recently got all the lights Installed There's actually Um three more on this side as well so There's a total of six of these LED Lights and man are they bright I'll definitely show you that in a Different video But as you can tell again the flooring

Is done I'm not finished running two by Fours around the banding there I guess Is what it's called so that way we can Install the plywood walls it'll go uh it Should go all the way up to that point There And then once the plywood is up we're Going to get everything painted ceiling Trusses walls it's all going to be a White color so it's going to be super Bright and really nice and clean in here Pretty excited about that So the problem with going with one of These if the thermostat is red link Compatible that's like a Bluetooth going To the equipment it's not going to be Wi-Fi enabled as well And we do need a thermostat that is Wi-Fi capable For this customer so we might have to Get what's called A gateway And it's basically takes that red link Communication and connects it to the Internet so See if they got one somewhere All right so what I chose to go with was The April Air This is the 8910w So we actually have a few wires Available that we can use on the job Site So because this customer needs Wi-fi because it's a rental property Like an Airbnb so they want to be able

To control it remotely but we need a System that can only utilize a few wires So this is a two-part three wire design So three wires from the thermostat to This controller that we would Mount at The air handler and then you just wire Up everything as far as the equipment Goes and then this connects directly to The wireless router to give them Wi-Fi Capabilities with the app Um so this takes care of everything if We went with the Honeywell version Uh to get it to be Wireless it has to be Red link and if it's red link it can't Be Wi-Fi unless you use one of those Gateways which would have worked fine But they only had um I think the like The focus 5000 thermostat which is Limited on its functionality compared to What this can do and then you also have A separate device that you have to Hardwire into the router so anyway I Think this is going to work out a lot Better Um not only that it kind of future Proofs the customer if they ever want to Add humidifiers dehumidifiers whatever Whatever they want when it comes to Indoor air quality because that's where This thing shines Thank you All right so here's the system that We're working on We can probably Mount the

Module here so we can actually see it But uh yep we're gonna go ahead and get Everything unwired and put in a new Thermostat down the hall Get everything checked out All right so I got everything pretty Much cleaned up mounted the module up Here As you can see So now everything's a lot nice and clean When it comes to the low volt wiring Nice and simple So thermostat is already mounted We're going to go ahead and go up to the Condenser now and verify the wiring is Correct up there because I'm pretty sure They did not have the the W2 wire coming Back for to turn it on the electric heat Whenever it goes into defrost mode so I'm going to go up there and make sure That's connected and just make sure all The wiring color coding wise is going to Be good to go And we'll go ahead and get this thing Fired up and get it all tested All right let's see what we got Looks like They did not hook up the electric heat For whatever reason So we just need to hook up the white Wire That'll send a 24 volt signal downstairs To turn on the electric heat whenever we Are in defrost mode

And uh we should be ready to get this Thing started up I wonder where the Formula One racing Was Like if it went over that bridge Should do it And Compressor I'll do five minutes We'll let this run for a little bit cool The house down and then we'll switch it Over and check the Heat All right so that pretty much completes This call for today we got the low volt Wiring all cleaned up looking a lot Better luckily we're able to save three Wires out of that cable coming from the Thermostat to where we could power up This new thermostat setup with that Control module I think it turned out Really nice everything's really in a Good spot for servicing and knowing Right away what's calling and what's not So anyhow we got everything installed we Turn everything on tested it all out Rancher made sure everything ran the fan The electric heat the standard heat the Cooling everything and it turned on shut Off and did exactly what it was supposed To do so we're in good shape I feel Really good about this Um also checking that condenser making Sure everything was wired up properly up There but um yeah I think this job is Done everything is looking good customer

Is going to be happy they have a new Thermostat which they can hook up to Their Wi-Fi as well be able to control Control that remotely but that's going To complete today's video I really hope You got something out of it give it a Thumbs up if you did subscribe to the Channel if you haven't already until Next time see you guys later

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