NEW MILWAUKEE M18 FUEL Multifunction Outdoor System

check out the new m18 fuel multifunction
outdoor power equipment range from Milwaukee
this is the m18 fuel power head to drive all the attachments it's got a brushless
motor two speed control and it's powered by any m18 battery it's lightweight the
grips feel really good in your hand combine that with a variable two position
trigger you feel like you've got loads of control Milwaukee's quick lock system
means you can change between attachments in seconds
it also means you don't have to have a separate machine in your shed for every
job I just gave the line trimmer a crack it reaches full speed almost
immediately when you squeeze that trigger the line auto feeds while you're
trimming and to reload you can put seven point six meters of two mil line in
there in under 30 seconds and when you're finished trimming and you want to
switch over to your edger attachment you can use that quick lock system to change
instantly 8 inch steal blade for edging rubber mud flaps will catch most of the
spray out the back the metal guard and housing protects the gearbox and
highlights the build quality with longevity in mind
Milwaukee's also released this pole saw attachment this unit as well it's got a
10 inch bar with an auto oiler to help that chain stay lubed up there's a branch
hook as well to help you get a better leverage on those difficult to reach
branches now is gotta go outside and lob some branches off some trees but I
thought why not cut something just a little harder and check out how much
reach you can get without extension attachment in the middle as well
all these attachments have a protected drive shaft they take more than a bang and a
tumble that come with regular use they're incredibly lightweight and they
got more than enough power to get the job done without ever bogging down
between you and me it's bloody quiet you got any questions at all by the M18 fuel
multifunction outdoor power equipment from Milwaukee hit us up in that comment
section below and until next time I'm Tim and you're watching Sydney Tools TV


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