How to Unclog AC Drain Line Fast (3 Seconds), Avoid Repairman

– [Male] This is a problem here we have leaking water on the garage floor. You can see it going right there, all the way over to the wall. And then it's soaking
here on this carpet here. And it runs all the way across.. – [Female] There. – [Male] This runs all the way across the garage floor here. So the only things that would suspect here would be the washing machine there but I don't see any water
up there dripping down… – [Female] No, I've washed today. – [Male] …off the ledge. So that means it's usually whenever we see leaks anywhere and we didn't really feel any water coming off of here. So it must have dripped down earlier but as I look in here, this
thing looks kinda filthy but normally this is
where we see our problems with air conditioners is
there's a clog in the line. So this is the drain line
so all the condensation's supposed to go through this drain line down to the floor here and
the way they did this one here is it goes down into
the slab and it runs directly across the garage and it pops up outside.

So here we are outside and you can see it pops up outta the ground there and it slopes downward and
it drains out a little bit, you can see a little bit
coming out because I squeezed, just from me squeezing that it sends some of this stuff out here. So now what I'm going to do is show you a little quick trick on
how to clean this out without having to call your AC guy. Okay so interesting enough this is a float switch right
here and I am surprised that as backed up as this
thing was with water, why didn't this thing fill up? Because the way the float
switch is supposed to work is this backs up into the pan in there and then this fills up right here and it's supposed to trigger the float switch in there to not work.

So let me pop him off and
find out why that didn't work. Alright so I'm gonna
pop off this switch here and I'm gonna look down in there and there's no water in there at all. Just a teeny teeny bit at the bottom. So maybe it wasn't clogging enough to make it back up into the pan, but typically that's what happens. That's how you know that somebody didn't clean their AC filters is the filter will clog and it will cause ice to form on the coils
inside your air conditioner, and that will cause an excessive amount of water to show up in that pan, which will cause it to fill
up in this cavity here, which will make this
little float guy arise, which will make your AC cut off. And you're wondering why
is my AC not coming on? But that's not the case here. So it looks like we just had
maybe a minor clog in here. So here's what we're going to do.

We're going to separate this right here. And now earlier water gushed out so we're not going to be able to show you any gushing water
but that's what happens here. So the water gushed out,
we're going to take a garden hose now and stick it
in here and just gush the water for about two or three seconds and that's usually enough to clear all the whatever is blocking this pipe. And this happens every few
years typically on most ACs. I've done it in the past before where you can get in anywhere here, you can put the hose thing in here, but you need to find a
way to block off back here so that when you gush all the water it doesn't just in-rush
into this way and go (explosion sound) all over
inside the air conditioner.

So that's why here I just
decided to pop him off and I'll plug the hose right in here
and just turn on the water. Okay so by the grace of God this hose just makes it inside here. Normally we're stuck with a tube we're trying to force it into
a 3/4 inch PVC pipe like this, and so what I have to do
I use a hose where I've cut the metal end off
so that you just have the bare rubber hose and
that's usually enough to wedge in to do the trick here. So he's wedged in there nicely now. I'm gonna go outside and turn on the water for a few seconds. Okay so I've turned the water on and now we're coming over
here to take a look at the drain here and you can
see all the sediment and stuff that's floatin' around, all that goo, everything came outta
this line right here.

So we've now cleared it out nicely. We're gonna go inside and check out, make sure that it's not leaking all over the place in there now. We're gonna crank it to the max now. Let's see what we got over here. So now you can see it's
comin' out really good now. See that. (running water) Now this brings up another point too is let us know down in the comments below what you've done to fix
any clogs you've had in your AC lines, we could
share it with others as well.

pexels photo 3964704

So normally when people put these in there these are there for a visual to let you visually see if the water
is running down the pipe. You should probably change these out once they're not clear anymore. So that you can see if
the water is flowing. But anyway let's look inside. See how there's a little
bit of sludge there, we're going to try to
clean some of that out. Doesn't look that bad. The problem was somewhere
further down the line here because earlier when we popped this off it gushed out the water and
it was stuck right in here. And all I did was squeeze this and it was just enough to
send a little bit of the whatever that slimy sludge was out the other end of the pipe there.

So yeah we see this all the
time, we do this all the time, this is a great cheap way
of clearing out your clogged air conditioner line
without having to call your air conditioner repair
person and pay $150. 'Cause normally what they do is they'll come and they'll
do something similar, they'll insert like an air
pressure thing in there and it'll blow pressurized air through and it'll blow out on the other end. It'll do the same thing
we did with the water. Okay so now we're gonna
just put this back in here. So now you can see that,
see how the water's flowing a little bit right there? It's coming out of the drain line 'cause now I've got the drain
line running downhill at a slope and this is required here
to have it at a slope 'cause it makes the water just kinda move down.

And by the way just so you know the modern codes now for
the air conditioner is you're supposed to have a trap right here. That would prevent any,
now in this case here it just runs outside but if this was in a condominium building
you'd be in big trouble because they usually
have these running down inside the walls down
into the sewer system, and sewer gases can come
back up, or even worse gases and stuff from maybe another unit could come up into yours as well.

So that's why they want to
have a little trap right here that would keep water
in there all the time that any kinda gases that are on this side would never make it back this way. But this is an old installation. Alright so stepping back and looking at it you can see what we've done, we've cleared out this whole line all the way down and outside and remember looking at this you can see it, it has the required slope to help send the water going down this way.

Alright so here we are
we're gonna pull this up now and look down inside and now you can see we're not flooded with water
anymore like we were before. Oh by the way if you
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