How to Choose a Trusted HVAC Company and Prevent AC Problems

(audio of unstrapping ladder) Carl Bartoli, Donley Service: “Find a contractor
you can trust …” (Audio of positioning ladder) Carl: “… with a reputable reputation,
qualified people and maintain your equipment. Having the right technician work on your equipment
is important and that he has the training to be able to do that in an efficient manner
and diagnose it right.” (audio of technician on roof: “It’s in
good shape.”) Carl: “So you’re making the repair one
time and it’s a complete repair, not just a partial repair.” (audio of opening vehicle door) Carl: “That’s the biggest thing you here
from customers is ‘How do I know the company that I’m bringing out, the people are trained
properly.’” Arizona Heat Pump Council has certified Master Heat Pump Technicians in HVAC skilled-training since 1993. Carl standing in kitchen with AC parts: “Being
made aware of the priorities and what would happen if I don’t do the repairs today is
important to make sure the contractor is explaining it to you.

Not everything has to be made today
as far as a repair.” Carl: "Being able to take the technical aspect of the system but explain it so your customer really understands the nature of the repair, why the cost is what it is, the warranty behind it and as a contractor you’re going to be there to back it up after the repair has been made." Air conditioning and heating units last about 10-15 years.

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Talk to your contractor about energy-efficient replacement options as well as repairs. (Audio of technician working on roof) Carl: “An inefficient unit can create not
only comfort issues but additional utility costs. Making and ensuring that it’s operating
at the manufacturer’s design is critical in maintaining both of those things, your
comfort as well as lower utility operation. How often should you have your AC unit checked? So twice a year …” (audio of technician working on roof) Carl: “… would be recommended: Freon levels,
check electrical usage of the motors, wash the coil indoor and outdoor as needed and
just ensure that the overall airflow and comfort in the home is up to the comfort of the customer.”
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for more information.) (Arizona Heat Pump Council logo)

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