HVAC and the Bible | John 13:31

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In our read the manual segment today I'm Going to read an excerpt from John it'll Be Chapter 13 Verse number 31 the Subheading is a new commandment when he Had gone out Jesus said now is a son of Man glorified and God is glorified in Him if God is glorified in him God will Also glorify him and himself and glorify Him at once little children yet a little While I am with you you will seek me and Just as I said to the Jews so now I will Say to you where I am going you cannot Come a new commandment I give to you That you love one another just as I have Loved you you are also to love one Another by this all people will know That you are my disciples and you have Love for one another now I read this to You guys because it's just a great Example of how to live your life with Great difficulty it is to show people Love that you feel like they don't Deserve it or maybe you're angry at them And that's the hardest trial Jesus says Is that it's easy to love people that Love you back but hard to love your Enemies So showing that love is a great exercise For you once you're doing it all the Time it'll come easier and easier you'll Be a happier person because you won't Harbor that resentment and that hatred Inside of you any longer and and I'm not Talking to you with someone who's

Completely cured of those problems for Sure I carry quite a bit with me and I Try to live by this but it's a struggle And it never is going to be over because There's always going to be new Challenges that you're going to have to Face but having a core a center in the Bible in Jesus is the only way to really Combat this issue sticking with him Because he tells you there is a hope it Is this is how I think of it When I was a kid I used to be psyched up When I heard that there was going to be Like a three-day weekend or four day Weekend maybe you get off school at Friday go home and you know that Sunday Is going to roll around before you know And you'll be back in school Sunday Rolls around Sunday night gets here and You realize that you have a four day Weekend and just a relief because you Know the typical ending isn't going to Be the end there's going to be more Coming and you can look forward to it That's the joy that I think Christians Receive You know that when it ends here on this Earth There's more coming for us we're not so Wrapped up in what happens here Because we have something else to look Forward to something better and that's What we're trying to tell other people About

This is a real thing and that's that's The biggest hurdle this this whole gig This whole Earth tells us that this is Just a bunch of hogwash and I can't Believe I used the word hogwash is that Even a modern phrase It's hogwash guys It's a bunch of Bali who You have to realize there's limitations In your thinking saying that this can't Be true this can't be true expand your Thinking out and look at the Earth you Look at Humanity from afar And you can see that it is quite Possible and real And something to look forward to Instead of having dread that everything Comes to an end and there is no further Life there's nothing left to live for You can live for something And it'll give you peace of mind it'll Give you happiness and it don't cost a Thing guys I'm just going to leave it there I hope You enjoyed read the manual and I hope Maybe you go back to that manual and Read it a little bit more once the Show's over

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