Can you get These HVAC Trivia Questions Right??

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All right and without further ado Hello How are you Can you hear me I can hear you Are you ready I'm ready All right well tell us No no it's just you man it's just you Answer the questions you get all the Glory okay if you want all the glory you Can have it I'll take it all right take The glory uh so tell us like a little Bit about what part of the trade are you In Um Uh residential commercial service Install All right pretty much All right so you're going to be well Suited for this game because I do the Questions and that's what I did so that Should be pretty close all right so Did you hear the rules for the game Uh if I answer one right I can trade up Or take prize that's right okay so you Got it all right so there'll be a list Of questions here and we're going to Start by just playing for the very first Prize a couple bottles of nyloc the red Sealant we're going to start with that Have you ever used nylog I have all Right so do you like Nylock I do all Right so this is perfect all right so This is the first question you have

Three lifelines you can ask the chat Which I'm going to turn them off now Chat chat sorry I turned you guys off Don't be sad And then you have The pick two you can pick two answers Instead of just one so you have twice a Chance of winning and as I try to talk Through myself turning the chat off And it's going to take me a second and Sound very slow all right so the chat Will be off until he's done unless he Calls upon them and then the third will Be ask a home warranty technician and Home Warranty technician so he's not Going to know the answer to it Um he can't even put the unit in upside Down or right side up sorry all right so We're gonna You know what I'm saying all right so Here's the first question the easiest Question all right uh so here we go Here's the tense music let's see what You got All right question number one My name is a Zach B Jumping Jack Flash C the Mandalorian Or D HVAC or bust That wow man I don't know I do love the Mandalorian But it actually Yeah you're Exact you're correct you want some nylog

All right I'll tell you though It's Gonna Keep trading up for you Evidently the sound just keeps on going All right well there you go you just Traded up like six times all right so You won you're gonna trade up you're Gonna be going for a shop talk shirt now You could be closed in the finest blend Of fabric that the store had when I Purchased these so which is very nice I'm sure This is the second question it's going To get a little bit harder it's gonna be A little bit tougher but not too bad you Got three life lines still Let's see what we got here Here we are Question number two Residential HVAC system Heating and Cooling primary input voltage is Typically a 115 to 230 volts ac B 115 to 475 volts ac C 24 volts ac D208 230 volts ac this goes for all Heating and Cooling in residential I Want to stress that all Heating and Cooling as in indoor and outdoor that is Correct The answer is a Is that your final answer that is well Actually that's that's the right answer That's exactly right

They said it twice too look oh yeah Twice so you won you got yourself a Shirt here's a picture of that sweet Shirt again But you could have All these stickers Wow Yeah and we're heading for the Ultimate Prize eventually of getting to a Combustion analyzer which is like 500 Shirts so if you translate the cost I Think that's why straight up straighten Up all right let's trade up we're gonna Go for the third question they're gonna Step up and get medium easy now we're Going medium easy so third question here We go Which company makes Viper coil cleaners Hey new Calgon b diversitech c Refrigeration Technologies or D subco You got three lifelines no reason to die On the third question [Music] Let's see Is that your final answer that is Well actually let's see which is what You said so you got it right so you got Yourself some sweet stickers was it Stickers yes yeah but you could have Yourself An awesome flare sizing gauge do you Make the flares You gotta straight up and get it all Right let's get that flare gauge which

Is the sexiest prize we've ever given Away here on shop talk and we're gonna Step Up the Music to uh slightly faster To put some tension on it question Number four here we go An AC condenser coil can also be called A or and A d super heater B evaporator C bypass D metering device [Music] An AC condenser coil It can also be called which one We're not talking about a heat pump here We're talking about in air conditioning Address What are you thinking when you look at It which one Hey I think it's a d super heater Okay is that your final answer you're Feeling very confident We're not talking about a heat pump We're just talking about air Conditioning no heat just air Conditioning all right he says a d super Heater well we know it's sub cools which Is essentially taking well it starts out Superheated right so you know it's uh It's a d super heater that's exactly Right So you got four in a row we've got this Sweet flare gauge wow and we suggest

Only using it for flaring because we Know how some of you people are out There it's a flare gauge and if you use It for something else you should you Shouldn't be touting that anyway so you Could have this sweet Makita tool bag Wow wow really that's really nice I Don't know if that's a lateral move or Uh What uh I'll trade it I'll trade up All right all right you know what I'm Gonna do I'm gonna throw in the flare Gauge too if you get this right so you Know there's no harm no foul let's trade Up And here we are we're going to question Number five I believe we were on for the Sweet bag And what's more a flare gauge as well What is the name of this part pictured On the screen what is the name of this Part if you have a small phone I'm sorry Is it a an oil primary B an ignition Transformer c a blast cylinder or d a Cow Rod control What is the name of that part you Feeling good about this you want to ask Some chat people they don't know Anything I mean I know it's either An oil primary an ignition transformer For an offer but I don't work on them Um So what do you think you want to pick Two you can pick two right answers and That's you think it's one of the two all

Right so yeah Is that what you want to do is that do I Get all of the Photos oh yeah it's just like you got It's pick two all it is is you get to Pick two different right answers if Either one of them is right you get that Question right but I still retain the Other two helpful things you do all Right yes yeah let's do it that way so You think it's either a oil primary or B Ignition Transformer well I will tell You that you are in fact right on the Money Because it is an oil primary and that's What it is you're right on the money There if you work on oil sorry about all The stinking clothes but uh that's what You might see out there now So you can keep those prizes good that They are or you can step it up to a Beckett shirt now these are polos these Are noticeably nicer than the shirts That I offer people so I mean it's a Nice shirt I don't know if you golf you Can golf with this shirt too let's go For it all right you're gonna trade up That's good all right no one ever stops That's good they'll be like be like our Videos that's good all right so here we Are we're getting to a little bit more Difficult questions we're going to step Up now to uh just another level here a Level of Delta is what I'm going to call

It here spur of the moment Here we are Which HVAC manufacturer is most known For their exterior wall mounted packaged ACS and heat pumps a train or tranye in France B tensor C Bard D Williamson Is that your final answer Yes I'll be daggone you're just a smart Guy yep you got it right uh tenzo or Something I made up on the spot and uh I'm glad you didn't guess that that Would have been embarrassing I think maybe that was spell check from Renzor I'm thinking maybe that was what It was I don't know but uh you can get All of these Appian stickers look at That there's that's a lot of stickers Right there plus I'll give you the shirt Too You want to keep going That's too cool yeah let's go let's do It all right sounds good to me they're Trading up and uh what we have now is we Have an even higher level of difficulty Which I like to call Ultra Ultra level Or a mega Ultra maybe here we go What is the purpose of this part Pictured on the screen a defrost control B I spin monitor C blower control or D Condenser fan temperature Stager [Music] What do you see when you look at that Part like like the entire board or or

That little resistor The entire board the purpose of the Entire board [Music] Well what are you thinking when you see It you see a lot of things on there Um [Music] Now you're pretty confident about that You squint it a lot probably because It's really tiny on your phone It's only like the further your screen And that's your final answer I'm Guessing yeah It's a blower control that's the ICM 255 I think is what that is and uh wow throw Those things in the trash On top of the Goodman control boards for The blower they got blown up like the Relay blew up and shot outside like this Little train 9340 relays with the little Board stuck on the oh yeah that's right That's right throw them in the trash and Wire it straight to them that's right Well I like that delay that's not going To change anybody's life okay I know It's like uh what what was the other Thing like the the little like sequencer Looking relays at Goodman used for a Delay and it would delay to start and Stop at the blower so the coil would be Cold and air conditioning you should Just take those out and throw them in The garbage uh right away just a brand

New unit that they should have done that Yeah something else to break absolutely And that one will break for sure is what I learned so let's see where were we at Here are we on oh man that's a Testo It's test out loud I want to qualify That you're like man what kind of cool Tester to whizzes this is a light meter It's a light meter like a five oh it's a Light it's a light meter and the reason Why this is on this show is because our Show's budget is limited and I already Had this meter and uh I've never used it But like once so there you go A light meter what kind of light right It measures uh light output and Lux So you know what and because of how Weird that crap is I will also include The stickers only because that then ties The prize back to HVAC in some way All right that's a spirit okay what are You gonna use your new light meter for Go ahead and start thinking about that All right here we're stepping up the Difficulty here to Omega Alpha level I Think is where we're at now No that was last year here we go the Emerson Cincy predict is a a thermostat B sent system monitor If I say Scentsy monitor C IFC D defrost control Speed system monitor man you didn't Waste any time and That's pretty confident for a reason

Because yeah that's what it is Absolutely man you wasted that question That was too easy Let's make them a little harder Hey you might get what you wish for here The last question I don't remember what I chose Yeah but you got the oil one right now You got the oil went right which is good So you got that light meter which you're Gonna use all the time yeah I mean You're gonna be slinging that thing all The time so the customers like I know The AC doesn't work but what kind of Lux Do I have in here So you could win Appian shirt and that Little little squishy looking bag right There is that little kind of that little Putty that you seal up the air handler Cracks and holes with you know what I'm Talking about yeah yeah Thumb gum that hey that's right thumb Gum and I'll throw this Appian prize in With it because the shirt's happy on so Let's keep them together stay together For the kids here and uh All right It's enticing enough good here we are We're gonna go to the next level here we Got the super fast music now It's coming all right here guys All right so Is this the final question I don't think So it's number nine yeah if you're

Almost there So we have this question though pay Attention because you're gonna see a Picture too this series of components in A gas furnace is called a the gas block B the gas chain See the furnace manifold Or the D gas component train This is the picture Now I don't know old furnaces you see This one be real old yeah so do you know What that part is that's a gas component Train Gas component train and you're supremely Confident about that I am yeah I mean I've always called it a gas train so if It's called something else that I've Been wrong Is that your final answer it is Well Now you're making me nervous because Chain that's what I've always called it I looked that up too I wanted to make Sure it wasn't gas trained but I guess I Bet there's at least one person in the Chat that says I call it a gas train Ing That's interesting I got it from Gray Furnace man so I figured it must be Right it might be right unless you Mispronounced it unless he missed me That would be something he really cost Us big if he mispronounced it but of Course as with any question on this show

If you find out later that I screwed up It's happened a couple times uh just let Me know I'll give you the prize anyway Or you can come back and use my phone Around no you didn't you could have used It right there I could have I was how Confident there though I would like to Try the final question Just for kicks Let's go for it Just for kicks okay I'm Gonna give you some sort of prize anyway But uh if you get this right I mean get Something nicer let's say that put a Little bit of weight on it here we go Final question Why is the core of a transformer made of Laminated iron sheets A for grounding B to Aid reducing voltage C to reduce Eddy currents D for cost saving I bet the home warranty Tech knows this One it probably does I see him smiling down there I don't be Smiling because he's glad he's not Answering it or because he knows [Music] I'm gonna bring the chat in too so just Kind of think about it for a second I Want to see what they say all right they Probably say it's a gas train that would Be the first thing Now they're saying even though it's if It's wrong they'll still say it just to Mess with me right What do you think thinking b or c

So B or C to Aid reducing voltage or C To reduce Eddy currents yeah so what's The logic what logic are you using Because the transformation I don't think it's for grounding just Because that would uh Not be a good thing for a Transformer Well if it's for cost saving the the Home warranty tackle no because it's Costing Wait a minute let's get it I guess that Could use something They'd use plastic Yeah they used to iron but why don't They use a block of iron instead of iron Well to use a block of iron instead of Just making sheets wouldn't it be easier To make a block of iron Yes I'm not really sure So what's your best guess I'm gonna say I'm gonna say c All right you say C to reduce Eddy Currents so if you would have gotten the Ninth question right Uh you would have heard this answering That oh yeah That's exactly what it is you would have Had a brand new combustion analyzer it's Best not to think about what might have Been yeah okay I've got a block Rock Anyway so oh man big deal that's good That's a nice one uh background makes Some good stuff so it would be just like

You'd have to just store it in the Corner yeah one is on I'd probably give It to somebody though probably no I'm Thinking do what other guys on the show Do It's yours to do with whatever you know What I'm saying Um but yeah it was uh Eddie currents uh Whenever the Transformer when they Wrapped those wires around that iron it Induces voltage in the actual iron so to Laminate the sheets means it'll separate It so there's not as many of those Currents inside the iron that's what It's for I learned that on the internet Good stuff yeah yeah I would have known That I didn't know that when I was in The field I can take that much it Wouldn't come into play anyway so it Doesn't matter Um like what's what's your first name if You don't mind Jason Jason thank you for Playing you can come back next week and Play all right and play as many times You want you were the only one actually Some other guy popped up but he Disappeared uh but feel free to come Back and play we have a lot of fun and We'll we'll give you stuff so if you Email me Yeah Oh I appreciate that so how long you've Been watching the show out of curiosity Um on an offer I don't know probably a

Year or so cool well I appreciate that Uh HVAC shop talk at send me An email with your address I'll send you Something okay all right man appreciate It thank you Jason appreciate it [Music] Thank you [Music]

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