A/C Not Working and Compressor WON’T Turn On… HVAC Repairs


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How's it going and welcome back to the Channel in today's video we're gonna be Running a service call the customer is Saying that the unit is just acting up Something doesn't seem quite right so We're gonna go out there and check it Out and see what we can find let's do Some work this video is sponsored by Blue on upgrading the HVAC industry and By RLS RLS press fittings let you make a Permanent and reliable mechanical Connection in just 10 seconds without The need for brazing the RLS press Fittings were specifically designed and Engineered for use in high pressure HVAC And refrigeration systems they are fully Registered and listed to UL 207 for Pressures up to 700 PSI for more Information go to rapidlockingsystem.com Like This All right so then I flipped the breaker On the wrong one [Applause] Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] So that was a pretty simple service call Sometimes that's just that's just the Way they are right but you still want to Make sure you're going through the steps Fully look at the system amp everything Out if it's a split system like that

Really go through the charge make sure You know your superheat sub cooling Everything airflow all that looks good You don't want to just swap a cap out And peace out so Um I did recommend to the customer that We do a preventive maintenance go Through and just really clean the system And I don't really think that they liked My my charge for that so because I don't Really charge really cheap to do that Type of service like most companies do I Don't believe in doing that I believe That I'm providing a service that takes Me on a split system like that it's Going to take me at least an hour If not an hour and a half to go through It take it all apart inspect the blower Wheel you know because I don't charge For every little thing if the blower Wheel needs to be clean that's part of The service that's what I uh charge for So that way there's no extra charges for Every little thing Um taking apart the condenser cleaning It you know the whole nine yards I don't I try to make sure that that unit is Clean as possible anyhow they're going To think on it it's not extremely dirty But I did recommend that it should be Done But um anyhow everything was spot on Once I went inside and checked that Filter it was plugged so we removed that

Um and then everything needed to run for A little bit longer to stabilize So because it does have an indoor TXV Once I remove that filter the super heat Started to fluctuate and went up a Little bit So Um Once everything kind of settled out our Pressures are super heat sub cooling Temperature drop everything looked Perfect So I was happy with it but anyway that's Pretty much going to end it for today's Video I really hope you got something Out of it give it a thumbs up if you did Subscribe to the channel if you haven't Already until next time see you guys Later Foreign [Music]

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