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My name is axioda and this is the HVAC Fake news In big news today Goodman leaked that They will now be releasing refrigerant Free units Goodman management did not have any Comment and did not know where the leak Came from it became known later that the Equipment itself had been leaking that Information for over 30 years In our world of expensive tools tool Manufacturers had gathered together to See who has the best recovery machine We had navac with their four-cylinder Machine Yellow jacket with their other machine Baccarac and on Down the Line each one Tatting different features but all of Them being 500 or more at the end of the Line was the cheapest recovery machine At one dollar which was the refrigerant Hose into a McDonald's water The water ran one dollar at the local McDonald's and the refrigerant was Purified through the water And other news an HVAC technician in Baltimore Maryland stumbled across a Genie's lamp after rubbing the lamp he Was granted a wish he wished that there Would be no more of this Chinese junk in The HVAC trade that same technician has Been looking for his Milwaukee Tools Ever since HVAC union leaders have gathered

Together to decide on a brand new slogan For the HVAC Union These slogans have been narrowed down to Slow down it's not a race Or come on and join the union it's Better than having a bunch of flat tires In additional news the HVAC Tech who is Looking for his Milwaukee Tools can't Seem to find his navac vacuum pump Either After receiving notice of their 1 Millionth leaking micro Channel coil York has decided to change their game Plan when dealing with this issue Instead of emitting fault York has now Stated that the coil itself is not as it Seems the leak in the coil is actually Just a metering device in the entire World is the evaporator coil making York The world's largest HVAC company One of the largest HVAC companies in the Nation fling a flanger HVAC air is now Installing GPS in all of their vans so They know where the techs are all the Time in response a text said that's fine Just remember strip clubs need HVAC Service as well In that same vein calories heating and Air will be having their national sales Conference and meeting at the Boom Boom Room if you're looking for the proper Location once you enter the Boom Boom Room just ask for the hepatitis free Zone and they will escort you there my

Name is axiota and this was the HVAC Fake news

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