What YOU Need To Know BEFORE Getting In The HVAC Trade!!

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How's it going and welcome back to the Channel in today's video it's all about What you need to know before getting Into the HVAC trade let's do some work This video is sponsored by RLS And by truetech tools are you tired of Not finding good quality tools in your Local supply house well check out Truetechtools.com they carry all of the Good high quality Brands like RLS navac Fieldpiece Appian and the list goes on So check out truetechtools.com and make Sure you use the promo code quality HVAC To save yourself eight percent All right so today we're going to be Working on installing a hood vent for The kitchen Um today what we got to do is basically Cut the hole in the sheetrock run it up Through the attic and through the roof And then we have a roof cap to install Um should be 10 inch but we will see What we have room for that's what we're Working on today Foreign Foreign So that leads me to tip number one of This video and that's going to be you're Going to need a lot of tools in this Trade depending on if you're an Installer service tech whatever the case Is you're going to need to figure out What tools you're going to need and Those can get expensive real quick now

Obviously there's budget friendly Options out there you can go with you Know Harbor Freight Northern Tool Home Depot They all have their house brands that You can get and you can save a lot of Money that way and that's something that I did when I first started out because I Just didn't have the budget for it but As I you know over the years went by and I had a bigger budget I upgraded to Better tools it's not necessary to have The best tools but it sure does change The experience that you have when you Are working when you're working with Some good quality tools they last a lot Longer you don't have to replace them as Often and they're just a pleasure to Work with so but that's tip number one Is that you really need to look at a Budget and figure out what tools that You're going to need whether it's hand Tools drills power tools some companies If you are like say a service tech some Companies will supply the larger tools Like the vacuum pump Gauges you know things like that Recovery machines you don't actually Have to buy those yourself but not all Companies do that so that's the first Tip is thinking about your tools how Much you're going to want to spend What's necessary what's not really Necessary and what you can just upgrade

Along the way Foreign Oh Hello All right I know I measured it I know what I'm doing son Judaism son And I get the bottle there you go now You can work the top You like it Yeah all right so now I'm just going to Mark this With the roof line And then She's right here All right you got the tape which is Hand me that tape real Quick All right you ready Seam went up towards you didn't it Is that about right Make sure my my lines match up it looks Like it needs to be twisted I think Something like that let me go get the uh The cap and see how it fits before we Tape anything up My markers Rod had it Roof is just Handed up All right Foreign Oh My God Foreign

Foreign Stuff is thick dude All right so that leads us to tip number Two and that's going to be working in The elements now a lot of people don't Really think about this so this really Depends on where you're located in the World if it's going to be like super hot Or super cold or even both if you're Working in the snow or like super high Temps and dry heat obviously that Depends on where you are in the world But that's something you need to take Into consideration that you're going to Be working outside sometimes you're Working inside right in hot addicts or Mechanical rooms that are super hot Whatever it is right depending on the Application that you're in but you Really need to know that you need to be Or get yourself acclimated to working in Those elements for an example this Morning we walked out out of the shop it Was 16 degrees and in Tennessee that's Pretty darn cold we're not really used To working in really cold weather here But I had to layer up just so I could Get warm and you know do what we needed To do this morning thankfully I've got Some good clothes and that really helps Out a lot but Working in the elements is something That you need to get ready for mentally Physically

Um clothing wise all of that but that's Something that you really need to pay Attention to depending on where you are Is that you're going to be working in Some crazy weather Oh Foreign So the final thing to think about before Getting into the HVAC trade is that you Got to be mentally tough all right yes You need to be physically fit to some Level but more than that you need to be Mentally tough because you're going to Be putting a lot of different situations Um throughout installing service Whatever application that you're going To be working on let's say it's going to Be you know you know getting into a Specific area that's very difficult Mentally you're not going to want to do That that's you're going to have these Mental battles every single day it's Basically due to uncomfortableness right So things aren't going to be comfortable It's going to be super hot super cold Working in a tight area lugging around a Lot of tools heavy heavy tools or heavy Equipment Um you know running two more calls when It's you know six o'clock at night on a Friday and they you know still want you To run those two calls just situations Like that It takes a lot of mental toughness to do

This job and Um you know still to this day I've been In this industry now for a little over 20 years and I still struggle with that I still have to check myself and say you Know hey are you taking the easy route Or are you doing what you're supposed to Do to serve your customer properly so That's going to be the third and final Thing that we talk about in this video But to me it's the biggest one because We're dealing with all types of Situations different people different Equipment Um you know it could be raining and you Have to go up on a rooftop and work on a Piece of equipment we could be dealing With you know dangerous things safety is Involved there's just a lot of things Going on that revert back to your mental Your mental strength and how you deal With everything how you deal with Co-workers how you deal with bosses and Cuss customers that are super upset with The company or even you if you messed up Or just a simple fact of let's say You're troubleshooting something and you Don't really know what you're doing or You've never worked on that piece of Equipment before and so there's a lot of Mental strength there for where you need To calm down and think about the process Think about troubleshooting it properly And not being all up in your head so

That ties back to mental toughness as Well I could go on and on and on about The mental side of this industry you Know not even getting into family life As far as like always working all the Time and not you know having that work Life balance and how that does affect You mentally as well but again that's Super important being mentally tough Making the right decisions day in and Day out because at the end of the day You need to be safe you need to get home To your family so anyhow these are just A few things to think about before Getting into the HVAC trade and I really Hope that you know you got something out Of it you learned something it gets your You know the gears turning in your brain But uh give it a thumbs up if you like What I'm doing subscribe to the channel If you haven't already and until next Time see you later

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