What is a Premium HVAC Maintanace Visit? W/ Stephen Rardon

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There's um There's different grades of HVAC Contractors Some Can work on anything And specialize in nothing Um But I aimed to specialize in high Performance high quality Not Budget pricing Um And if people are willing to pay my Price tag I kind of feel like I need to go where They're willing to pay now that doesn't Mean that I cover all the way to Sanford Or say Hillsboro For the same price that I would cover You know Central Raleigh necessarily Depends on where you are But Um we also don't Tend to be competitive in the dollars And cents for the services that we offer If you look at what level of quality we Try to offer We offer a premium product at a fairly Premium price Not a 27 tune-up not a forty nine dollar Tune-up not a 79 tune-up Um Are one-time tuna is 50 of a yearly Maintenance agreement

Which just happens to be two hundred Dollars right now That's the full price or your half price That's half price okay of a maintenance Agreement so our one-time tune-up is two Hundred dollars Oh okay look let me interject something Then all right we all know the coupon Guys take this coupon 49 but we're gonna Check all seven parts of your air Conditioner we're like what now okay so You say two hundred dollars why is the Same job quote unquote or 200 what's Different about what you do Um when we go into a system we go top to Bottom we go full static full airflow Full refrigerant charge gas furnaces we Do combustion analysis Um and we deliver the full I mean or not A meaningful the full management report Um For our tune up Um we do a tear down cleaning on your Condenser And all the other basics for a Maintenance like checking the drain Flushing Um things like that Um but when we're done I've been there for an hour and a half Typically on a single system Um Realistically the measure quick report Probably takes me 20 minutes

And then the rest is cleaning Um Like my Absolutely horrible proper way to clean A trained condenser coil video way back In the day Full tear down All the sides the fan comes off The inside of the unit looks like you Could make spaghetti for your Three-year-old in there Yeah Um it's it's clean Yeah that's that could that could be a Pain uh because all those doors that Have those little Clips at the bottom And sometimes the clips are a pain in The butt or whatever and then uh you Know well that or the Goodman blooming Onion I took the top off and now it Won't go back on go get the duct tape uh Yeah is that every okay so I'm gonna Assume because you live in a environment Where you might have a fuel burning Heating Appliance and less likely the Heat pump so I'm assumed to tear down is That every spring you're tearing the Condenses apart no matter what or is That a judgment call it is somewhat a Judgment call but the first time we go To a system it's a tear down yeah But I've heard a lot of people say And there's truth to it I know that when You look at the things just because you

Don't see them all gunked up doesn't Mean they're not dirty so that gives Credence to the I'm going to tear down Every time argument Um this spring have to Um we've got a five system House That we've got on contract and um Three Four of the five systems are Entirely protected from dust dirt and Whatnot and I probably pulled out two Dozen leaves and a few sticks of pine Straw Um From Any of this the four systems Um so that's definitely a judgment call You know the half the reason you clean Out the middle of it is because you Simply Don't want to take a picture of the Inside Show five leaves and then take another Picture and still have five leaves Um so you clean it out just for the fact That we do before and after picture of Pretty much anything that we've cleaned If we flush the drain we take two Pictures before and after we Um clean the condenser before and after Um Screenshots of the tech link app for Capacitors go into the company cam file

Um And a full measure quick report [Music] Thank you

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