Trane Hyperion Air Handler Issues w ANTI DIY HVAC and Joe Shearer

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Krauss our buddy cooling here says in 20 To 21 he probably did 10 to 15 Tam nine Evaporator coils and you know I sell a Bunch of those And I think I've only changed maybe two Or three Since uh well the Tam nine hadn't been Out but just since I've been using Hyperions period I've only changed a few They weren't even all mine So I guess maybe I have a high volume of Work and a low volume of service I don't Know how these people find 15 leaking Coils When I don't have that in The tenure of time that I've sold that Product What do you think happened you must work For a giant that sells 400 a year maybe He'll probably answer he'll answer We'll get to the bottom of this how all The time next weekend that was a while Back he's probably all buzzed up by now Well I don't know what see I don't remember Well I know we changed a few aluminum Train coils Um not a whole lot I always thought they Were pretty good for the most part yeah There's uh there's there's been a few Um the older ones Oh bad times I changed a lot of those I'll tell you the worst thing you had to

Change on the older ones was the dog on Doors That would warp up and then pop off of The uh yeah yeah they would pop off of The uh door switch And you'd be going through all the Electrical digging testing Breakers Opening panels and get up there and find Out you know take the door off and push The two switches in and the unit comes On you're really mad If you spent 45 minutes digging around And there's nothing wrong I remember putting about 30 layers of Tape on one thing I didn't have it now trying to bend it I Mean I was trying to do what I could and I just kept little strips of tape about That long as Take Take Take tape and Stuck it on there and it pushed in the Door switches Um the homeowner was on top of me with That one and he did not want those Switches pop out I wanted to straight Water Well I never could get close enough to One of those hyperions because the air Coming through the door would blow me Off of the platform That's for the people that don't know How to put them back together that was Me They really are a cantankerous they're I Mean they're a superior product when it

Comes to Water Management Airflow efficiency all of that but You know they're really cantankers to Work on Um you know they're uh they're real pain To weld in we got to where we would just Weld on little four or five inch sticks Of pipe To come in and weld them on and then put The whole thing back together And take it up there in the Attic And use some heat block gel and just Weld the thing with it put together and Never take that little door back off Again because those grommets are such a Pain Well I know here here's the thing and I'm thinking back to just a second ago When I didn't put the doors on correctly And the air blew out but I'm thinking I'm remembering all the different series Of hyperions and how many times the the Fasteners for the door changed and I'm Wondering if it was maybe the doors or The fasteners Do you remember those they turned a Quarter of a turn I think that was the Worst ones the newest ones that had the Screw and the little inserts that you Drop and lose and find in a pan or maybe Never and you got four out of the six You're okay but The little uh little clip insert that Goes in and that has the threads for the

Screw those are actually in my opinion Those are actually the best And I remember the ones you're talking About the quarter it seemed like there Was a couple different versions of them Because there was an issue and then they I think they solved it after that Joe Left I mean he doesn't like teams tell You what happened on the high periods Uh that was one of the few products that Train made a mistake on and they stuck It out there too quick They put it out too fast and just didn't Do enough field testing like the XB you Know our inverter unit we had them out Here in the field for a year before we Could buy them actually it was 13 months Before we could buy them then I I did Get the privilege of installing one of The first ones but I didn't get it for My house I couldn't get one I came this Close and some big wig somewhere says no We can't let a dealer have one Well that's who should have one well Employees got them trained employees the Fsrs got them and up that's where I was Able to put one in was in one of the Fsr's house And I mean we played with it we you know We're out there goofing around with it And It was the first one we saw you know [Music]

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