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How's it going and welcome back to the Channel in today's video we're going to Be going back on a job where Trevor went Out and diagnosed a bad condenser motor So he went out there originally to do an Inspection we were checking everything Out and then he found that condenser Motor to be overamping so what I did is I ordered that motor and now we're going To go back today and get it swapped out And check everything out let's do some Work Yeah Foreign Like I said before uh Trevor was out Here to do an inspection and we found The condenser motor to be over amping so He sent me the model serial number I Just quickly went on to the blue on app And got availability of that part got That put on order we went and picked That up and now we're here to get it Swapped out so I'm going to go ahead and Go ahead and get this whole top removed And start removing this old motor but First we need to make sure the power is Turned off All right Foreign All right so what I like to do before Removing the actual motor from the top Plate the housing or whatever I want to Go ahead and remove the fan blade first Because with it being on something much

Bigger it's going to help me keep Everything in place while I go to remove This fan blade Sometimes they come off Super easy and it's not that big of a Deal but there are sometimes as well That it's super hard and you have to get A puller and all of that this unit's not Super old doesn't have a lot of rust or Anything so I don't think I'm going to Need any kind of penetrant or or have to Get a pool or anything so I'm just going To go ahead and loosen this set screw And just try to wiggle it off the way it Is but what we want to do look it just Went down all by itself actually what I What I was going to say to do before I Actually did that it's good to mark it On the shaft so that way when we put the New motor down we know exactly where That blade was and we don't have to try To remember and guess at it So what I'm going to do now is I can see I can see where it was because where It's nice and clean here but I'm just Going to take my knife and just scribe a Little a little Mark here so that way I Know it can't be rubbed off That way I can reference that whenever I Put the new motor in But That's pretty pretty easy to take off Right there So Sometimes what you can do is is wiggle

The fan blade as well you could also put A crescent wrench right here on this Flat side underneath to hold it still While you wiggle it off if you're having Problems but again that came off super Easy So here's a little tip for you as well Whenever you are about to take the motor Off wherever the leads come out and go Through obviously you have a hole here So that kind of helps you but sometimes You don't have that shroud so what I Like to do is give it a visual see where The wires are coming out As far as like the the hood itself or The the lid so that way when you go to Put the new motor on you have the Orientation the way it's supposed to be It just makes your your life a whole lot Easier Foreign So once we got the old motor out we're Getting ready to put the new one in It is very smart to verify that the new Motor and the old motor all the specs Line up so what I like to do is put them Side by side Do a quick glance voltage amp draw Horsepower RPM The rotation We did go back with an oem motor so it Should be perfectly identical And then also look at the physical motor Itself make sure that the the body of it

Is the same length the shaft is the same Length because if it's a little bit Different it's going to throw off Wherever your blade is attached to the Shaft so you need to account for that But again this is an identical motor but We just want to make sure Everything is good before we go to Install it Foreign Nice and snug Foreign Foreign Now that I got everything put back Together Let's get the power turned on And get it tested So the condenser motor is rated for 0.8 Amps And looks like we're in good shape Foreign well guys that's going to Complete today's video I really hope you Got something out of it hit that Thumbs Up Button if you did subscribe to the Channel if you haven't already and until Next time see you guys later Foreign

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