The Biggest Career Mistake HVAC Technicians and Installers Should Avoid

As an HVAC technician and installer, I have come across various career challenges and obstacles. However, if there is one piece of advice I can offer my fellow professionals, it would be to steer clear of the biggest career mistake I made – one that I wish I had known sooner. In this blog post, I will share my personal experience and shed light on the mistake that all HVAC technicians and installers should avoid at all costs. Join me as we delve into a crucial topic that can make or break our careers in this industry.


As the host of the HVAC Shop Talk Podcast, I have had the privilege of connecting with HVAC technicians and installers from around the world. Through these conversations, I have noticed a common career mistake that many professionals in the industry make – constantly switching companies for small raises. In this article, I will explain why this can be detrimental to one’s career and discuss the importance of staying committed to a company for a significant period of time.

  1. Developing a work ethic and understanding the value of work

I believe it is important for young people in high school to have a part-time job or work during the summer. Having a job helps teenagers develop a strong work ethic and learn the value of their work. This early exposure to the professional world can shape their attitudes towards their future careers and help them build a sense of responsibility.

  1. Proud of my children’s work ethic

All three of my children have jobs, and I couldn’t be prouder of their work ethic. They understand the importance of committing to a job and giving their best effort. This mindset has not only helped them excel in their current positions but has also prepared them for future professional challenges.

  1. The trend of technicians switching companies for small raises

In the HVAC trade, I have noticed a concerning trend of technicians and installers constantly switching companies for small raises. While it is natural to seek better compensation, this short-sighted approach can hinder long-term career growth and stability.

  1. Evaluate a company over a significant period

It is crucial for HVAC professionals to stay committed to a company for a significant period of time to truly evaluate its potential. Jumping from one company to another for marginal salary increases may provide temporary gratification but can prevent professionals from experiencing all the benefits that come with being with one company for an extended period.

  1. Patience and staying the course

Success in any career requires patience and staying the course. This rings especially true in the HVAC trade. Unexpected challenges and changes are bound to arise, and it is important to be patient and let things play out. By weathering the storm, technicians and installers can gain valuable experience and build lasting relationships within their current company.

  1. Opportunities and outcomes

By staying committed to a company, HVAC professionals open themselves up to a world of opportunities and better outcomes. Loyalty and dedication are highly valued in the industry, and companies often reward those who have proven their commitment. Whether it’s career advancement, specialized training, or increased responsibility, staying the course can lead to bigger and better opportunities.


In conclusion, the biggest career mistake HVAC technicians and installers should avoid is continually switching companies for small raises. By staying committed to a company for a significant period of time, professionals can develop a strong work ethic, understand the value of their work, and open themselves up to a world of opportunities. Patience, resilience, and dedication are essential in achieving long-term success in the HVAC industry.


  1. Should I switch companies for a slightly higher salary?
    Switching companies for a slightly higher salary may provide short-term financial gains, but it can hinder your long-term career growth. Staying committed to a company and investing time and effort into it can open up better opportunities in the future.

  2. How can staying with one company benefit my career?
    Staying with one company allows you to develop a strong work ethic, build relationships within the organization, and gain valuable experience over time. Companies often reward loyalty and dedication, leading to better career advancement and opportunities.

  3. What if I am unhappy with my current company?
    It’s natural to feel unhappy with your current company at times. However, before considering a switch, make sure to communicate your concerns with your supervisor or HR department. Oftentimes, problems can be resolved through open dialogue and constructive feedback.

  4. Will switching companies frequently make me a more marketable candidate?
    While switching companies may seem like it adds diversity to your resume, frequent job hopping can raise concerns for potential employers. They may question your commitment and loyalty, which are highly valued qualities in the HVAC industry.

  5. Are there any circumstances where switching companies is justified?
    There may be circumstances where switching companies is justified, such as toxic work environments or lack of growth opportunities. However, it is important to carefully evaluate these situations and weigh the potential long-term impact on your career before making a decision.

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