Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

Could break fluid possibly work better than penetrating fluid when it comes to loosening rusty bolts today We're gonna find out once and for all whether or not this is gonna work the best because I've had a lot of people asked me to test against these other brands of penetrating fluids now in a previous video we tested Acetone ATF mix against a lot of different penetrating fluids what we found was quite interesting and that is that acetone ATF actually came in second place just behind liquid winch which took the top spot So let's get the testing underway and find out once and for all just how good brake fluid does when it comes to removing Rusty bolts just like in the previous video.

I'll be using a half inch wheel lug studs and nuts I've only torqued in to 80 foot-pounds this time though because my torque adaptor only goes up to 147 foot-pounds I do have a larger torque adapter if we need it, But I don't like to change test devices in the middle of a test. I really like it when you guys provide comments and constructive feedback. It helps me improve the science. So based on the recommendations you guys provided I'll be applying each penetrating fluid with a dripper instead of using the spray can. Also I've added a washer. So, please keep the recommendations coming because it does help me. Do penetrating fluids actually work? I drilled in tap a one-inch piece of plexiglass and then I oxide eyes the bolts. Additionally, I added a hot blue perimeter at the top. Obviously metal-on-metal causes twice the rust as metal on plastic. However, this will provide some evidence as to whether or not penetrating fluids do any good So I've got a total of twenty eight bolts work with.

The first four include our control group So I'm gonna go ahead and loosen those and see how much torque it takes. Do penetrating fluids actually creep in the rusted parts? The nut was threaded onto the ball three-quarters of the way by hand then the nut and bolt were oxidized So what we'll do is apply the penetrating fluid that wins the competition to the top of this nut so we can see if it can creep all the way through the rust and out the bottom.

So first up we'll be testing DOT 3 brake fluid. So CRC Knock'er Loose loosens frozen metal parts, dissolves rust and corrosion, lubricates and prevents rust. SeaFoam Deep Creep "powers through rust and varnish". So Fluid Film "penetrates to free up heavily seized parts". So BG In-Force "has an ion activated formula that permeates metal better than standard formula penetrating oils".

In a previous video we tested WD-40. This time we're testing the "Specialist" which is specifically designed as a rust release penetrant spray. So the brake fluid seems to have remained on the the washer did not spread beyond the washer it also did not evaporate. Okay, this is CRC Knock'er Loose. What's interesting is the penetrating fluid seems like it's mostly dried up. There's a little bit toward the base of the nut, as well as it looks like it started to move away from the washer just a little bit.

Okay, so SeaFoam Deep Creep seems like it is very similar to the the CRC Knock'er Loose However, it doesn't seem to have spread away from the washer as much, it still seems like there's a little bit more content remaining on the threads as well as the nut. Okay. This is Fluid Film. It's very clear. It's much different the rest of them. It looks like it's slimed in this entire set of nuts and bolts. So BG In-Force looks like it's floated all the way down the nut and on down into the washer.

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It also hasn't evaporated as quickly as some of the other products. Okay, one of the comments that people made last time is that it's not realistic to apply a penetrating fluid three times over three hours What they wanted me to test was applying a penetrating fluid giving it some time to work and then try to loosen the bolts So what we're going to do is come back in an hour And we run a test on each one of these to see how much torque it takes for these to come loose Well, we're allowing the penetrating fluids to go to work on the rusty nuts and bolts We're going to go ahead and apply these products to this setup As you can see brake fluid actually penetrated and went all the way down to the bottom of the bulb CRC Kock'er Loose did a great job as well.

It thoroughly penetrated, went all the way down to the bottom of the bolt. SeaFoam did a great job. There's a lot of SeaFoam that has thoroughly penetrated, it's actually sitting in a puddle of SeaFoam. You can see it about to drip off. This stuff really seems to work well. This is Fluid Film. It does not appear to have done much as far as penetrating. Most of the fluid film seems to remain up top. As you can see BG In-Force did not fully penetrate and make it all the way to the bottom of the bolt. There's a lot of penetrating fluid still at the top of the threads that has not worked its way to the bottom. So does look like BG In-Force did go down to thread some, but not quite as well as some of the other products we've tested. WD Rust Specialist did a really good job. It has gone all the way down to the bottom of the bolt. Okay, it's been an hour so I'm gonna begin testing. What I'm going to do now is remove each one of these nuts to see how much penetration occurred.

Okay guys, slight change of plans. I was gonna put the top penetrating fluid on this bolt and this nut to see if it could thoroughly penetrate. After I did the last video, I had a lot of requests to just mix them all together and see if it would work well. So I decided to do is just take a little bit of each, dump it into one, stir it up, and then drop it on top of this to see if it made a difference. Now, I never recommend mixing chemicals because we could experience a chemical reaction. If that's the case, I'm gonna have to open up the shop door and get the fans running. So it doesn't appear that the fluid has penetrated anything. I don't think mixing them all together is such a great idea after all. In fact, it's stuck on there.

This isn't moving, and there's no fluid that's gone past the bottom of the nut. What I'm gonna do is soak up the penetrating fluid and then remove the nut and see how far down it made it It's all wet right now, but I think that's because the fluid that was in there, as I was turning the ball it started to flow downward. But it took 56.4 foot-pounds of torque to break this loose. And again, this wasn't torqued. It was a put on by hand. So based upon the plexiglass test, as well as how far the penetrating fluids traveled down the threads, the result seemed to make sense: With SeaFoam Deep Creep coming out on top followed by CRC Knock'er Loose coming in second. Now regarding the other products and compared to the last test, there just wasn't a lot of time for these products to do their job. As you remembered last video, it was a three-hour test for three applications. But viewers said it did not make sense to do a three-hour test, because in the real world, no one waits three hours for penetrating fluid to do its job, which is why I tested differently this time Please let me know if you'd like to see a showdown between SeaFoam and Liquid Wrench and I can put together a video on that.

Or if you'd like me to test other penetrating fluids. Thanks so much for watching the video and I look forward to seeing you next time..

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