How To FIX Your Subaru AC For CHEAP! 3$ O-Ring FIX! Quick and Easy Tutorial!

what's going on guys back with another video 
we're gonna be uh checking out our ac system   my car's been doing some funny things lately 
funny things all the time actually but um   we're gonna do some ac troubleshooting today 
summer is upon us and i really need to get the   ac fixed just because i got the little guy now 
riding with me and i want him to be cool at all   times just in case so i had more motivation 
this time around to get it fixed properly   hopefully we can get this ac fixed longer than 20 
minutes and uh we can kind of find the leak and   troubleshoot and fix the problem so let's go ahead 
and get started i'm gonna replace some o-rings   on the high pressure and low side today i'm hoping 
that's where the leak may be um i can also you   know inject some ac dye into the whole system 
make it a little easier but i'm actually gonna   be using some r134a stop leak today along with 
another one just in case if i don't have enough   so we have a couple things here and i was 
reading in this in my good old user manual here   a little procedure on how to do it and what 
to do what not to do here's the o-rings that   i purchased through subaru i got both o-rings 
one for the high and low side of the ac system   it's really just a little dinky guy there 
and then another little dinky guy there   i swapped in some o-rings i had laying around but 
i never even tested the system but i wanted to go   ahead and order the correct ones that way i know 
for sure those are the right ones and those are   the ones that should be sealing so i couldn't 
blame it on the ones i had laying around so   and yeah we're going to see if those are going to 
work out for us just going to remove this shroud   so i can see the ac compressor a little easier 
before you unscrew this high pressure port to   check the o-ring um you're going to want to make 
sure that your high pressure oh my god there it   went there it is right there could have lost it 
forever a little slippery salamander so before we   go on ahead and take off these two ports to change 
the o-rings you're going to want to make sure that   your high pressure line has zero pressure in it 
or else this thing will just blow off my case i   had no pressure in the line because i have a leak 
somewhere it's kind of like a bike tire tube where   you can just push in that little needle and it 
should release any pressure but beware it is toxic   and you should probably not do it you should 
probably consult your nearest ac professional   before you do any of that you want to be in a 
well ventilated area you want eye protection   you know ear protection face protection whatever 
all kinds of protection before you go on ahead   and release that i don't believe you can actually 
release that legally so never mind what i said so   make sure this is depressurized hopefully you have 
you know a leak in the system and you won't have   to worry about that like my case so let's move on 
so this high pressure side over here is going to   be a 12 millimeter and as well as the low pressure 
side is going to be a 12 millimeter as well there we go let's take a look at the o-ring 
there's that one i'm just going to remove the   o-ring with the little pick that i got here the 
original o-ring that i switched out actually broke   in half and i ended up losing it so i couldn't 
really compare the size so that was another way   oh see like that i almost just dropped it i 
didn't drop it so i'm glad that i did go with   the oem ones just because i can already see a 
difference in the sizes i just was eyeballing it   and you can clearly see the green one that i put 
in there was a little bit smaller than the oem   correct size so we're gonna go on ahead and get 
this new one swapped in and i'm gonna apply a   little bit of grease or like silicone a little 
bit of silicone grease i guess just so the o-ring   doesn't get damaged when i press it back on i 
just put a real light layer on there nothing crazy   so i'm just gonna kind of stretch 
this over the port from the front   pretty straight forward i'd say just like that 
o-ring is on there's a new o-ring looking good   just going to gently press 
this back into place make sure   your port is looking clean just going to wipe 
down on the inside of this hole a little bit   make sure there's no debris in there that way your 
o-ring will do its job correctly just going to   press this back in gently you'll feel the o-ring 
seat into place put our screw back in snug it up   not too tight all right moving on to the 
low pressure side remove the 12 mil bolt let's remove this from the port 
there's our o-ring swap this one out here's our low pressure side it was pretty 
close in size here but you could tell it's   just slightly different so again i'm glad i 
went with the oem size same thing going to   lube it up a little bit get it back in place 
see if we can work this one on stretch it on there we go same thing put it back into place 
gently push it on and the bolt goes back in just snug all right so far it's about a 
three dollar investment with the new o-rings   so can't really go wrong with that i'm hoping 
it's not really too significant you know i'm   hoping it's just a small little leak and 
uh it's not going to be the ac compressor   itself because that'd be pretty pricey i'd 
say but before i go ahead and recharge the   system i was reading in my owner's manual 
better yet i was reading in my what is this   service manual yeah service manual okay so i 
was reading my service manual and i found out   so if you look down here this is going to 
be your pressure switch for the whole ac   system and that tells your ac compressor to kick 
on when there's proper pressure in the system so   before we actually start filling the system i'm 
going to run a jumper wire and it'll tell the   car that there's proper pressure in the system and 
it will go on ahead and kick on the ac compressor   like constantly i'm just going to move 
my little coolant overflow reservoir here   just presses in right there and then comes out 
i'm just going to rotate it to give myself some   more room here so it's basically just one little 
clip on the bottom side here that you're going   to push in just be real careful with it because 
mine's kind of rusted and i'm sure yours is too   she's an old girl and we got to be careful it's 
a pretty stiff connector though so you just got   to press in this tab here and it should release 
for you i mean i'm sure a paperclip would be much   easier and i don't have one at the moment so i'm 
just going to use this little black wire here i   think it's extra from my stereo install let's go 
ahead and get this connected here and i'll show   you what's next so i have one end of the wire into 
the connector there the other end is right up here   so when i actually have the ac engaged i'm gonna 
go on ahead and put the other end of the wire   in the connector here and then the clutch should 
turn on over on this side of the car you'll find   your low pressure port that's where you're going 
to actually recharge the system so let's go ahead   and unscrew that i'm going to go for the regular 
refrigerant first before trying the stop leak so   we're going with the autozone favorite r134a 
refrigerant going with this reusable pressure   gauge as well nice thing is about these things 
that it only actually connects to the correct port   so it'll only connect to the low pressure port 
you won't be able to get it onto the high pressure   port so you can't really mess this up so basically 
on this thing there's a little dial that you can   twist to the ambient temperature outside say 
it's about 68 degrees in my garage right now so   i want to rotate it between 65 and 70 and then 
that's where you're going to want to stop when   the gauge reads in between those red lines right 
at the arrow in the middle so pretty straight   forward let's go ahead and open the garage and 
get to pumping i'm gonna go in ahead and put   this on the low pressure side here you just 
pull it put it on kind of like a inner tube   there we go okay screwed the bottle on i 
guess i'll read the directions real quick   done this before pretty much says turn your 
ac on max cooling while you're charging the   system you want to hold the can upright rotating 
cam between 12 and 3 o'clock every two to three   seconds while continuously agitating shaking can 
back and forth so i pretty much just go like this   one last little note be sure to put back your 
little reservoir here or else it will hit on the   fans when these things kick on so just be sure to 
just put this back so it's out of the way the fans all right kick on the ac max ac show you guys 
this little trick here so i'm going to touch the   wire onto the other side of the port and the ac 
compressor should kick on just watch your fingers there it goes and the fans kick on as well so i'm gonna wedge this in there 
pretty good and then start filling there it goes hand starts to get really cold all 
right we're holding about 10 psi now 15 cans almost feeling empty at this point about 25 psi all right i think we're empty 
we're just getting to the green on here oh we are blowing cold that's for sure definitely 
ice cold in here but again if it's going to be   temporary that's not what i want i don't want 
it to be temporary because that's what happened   last time a little jumper wire can probably 
be removed and hopefully the high pressure   sensor is working but yeah we got one full can in 
the system just remove the hose putting on the cap now i guess i'll let you guys know that the ac 
sticks around stay tuned next morning moment   of truth will the ac fire up let's check it 
out i mean granted it is 55 degrees outside   the ac does still feel really cold so the only 
real test is going to be later on today when   it heats up but as of right now we have ac r134a 
still in the system and i'm very happy about that   so stay tuned we'll see what happens all 
right all right here's the moment of truth   it is the next day late afternoon time to 
check the ac hopefully it is still blowing   cold we will see here we go right now real 
time i'm gonna figure this out start her up okay we are at 64 degrees outside 
which is still a little chilly but uh   let's go ahead and throw this on hit the ac we should hear it kick on all right so far so good he is blown cold 
baby we are holding steady with the cold ac   so i'll update you guys a little later if anything 
changes but if not hell yeah brother we fix the   problem just like that ac remain cold all the 
way home granted it's about five minute drive   but i mean either way i'll take the win so we are 
holding steady with the ac tune in tomorrow and uh   i'll update you guys again but so far so good okay 
day two let's see if our ac is still kicking on ac   blasting oh i feel it chilling i feel 
the chill coming so we are holding steady   in the system it's a wonderful feeling that's 
for sure man i can't wait to use this ac on   those hot summer days but i think this actually 
uh these o-rings actually fixed my problem and   i couldn't be more happy so far as a three 
dollar o-ring fix minus the can of r134a but   other than that i mean i am excited about that 
all right stay tuned we'll see what happens all right just getting her warmed up 
here it's a whopping 66 degrees outside   we'll flip on this ac here 65 and engage give it a second i think 
i already feel it changing oh yeah baby   it's already getting cold that's what i'm 
talking about that's what i'm talking about   here's another test it's been about a month since 
i swapped out those o-rings on the ac compressor   and we're gonna kick on the ac and uh hopefully 
it kicks on for us here oh ac is blowing to the   face and the feet and we are chilling still 
chilling all right guys that's gonna do it for   this video you really can't beat a three dollar 
o-ring fix minus the cost of the refrigerant but   still i mean it's a win-win in my book so thanks 
for checking out the video hope it can help you   out and uh yeah give it a try for yourself i mean 
it's three bucks could be a cheap fix go on ahead   and try it for yourself alright guys take it easy 
thanks for watching see you on the next one you

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