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Hello & welcome to Driven Today we're going to review such a car that is the most expensive car in our History also the most expensive car right now available in Bangladesh market history that you can purchase. It is none other than the Maybach GLS 600. Yes It is such a car that is used by the heads of any state for their personal usage. And you can't even imagine the unbelievable features of this car. But before that, we'll try to show why people should buy GLS 600 over Range Rover with double price and its benefits, luxury features and why is this car a cut above the rest Right now the only competitor of this car is the Rolls Royce Cullinan So you've guessed it right.

Definitely, you'll love this episode. Let's talk about the name. This car has the Mercedes logo and also it has Maybach written on it. When Mercedes builts their most expensive car and above that if they have to build something that's Maybach. That makes a difference between the normal GLS to this GLS. Bear in mind Mercedes never offers GLS 600. You'll get a GLS600 if it only comes with Maybach trim. Mercedes offers GLS 450, GLS 580, and GLS 63 AMG which is the most powerful version of GLS. But this one is the most luxurious version of GLS. Every single thing just wooses luxury out of this car. The more Chrome, the more Luxurious. But this doesn't apply for Chinese cars.
Only for Maybach. Look at here, if you don't look physically at these grill inserts, you'll never understand the detailing they've done. I can see some of the sections of these grills are sealed off for better aerodynamic efficiency.

The technology is there along with the luxurious features. Here's the front camera and there's another camera in the windshield that detects bumps on the roads and adjusts suspension so that you can feel less bumps in the car. Mind blown. There's more I want to tell, these front grill designs are vertically slanted It doesn't come in normal GLS. There's people out there who tries to convert their normal GLS into a Maybach. I wouldn't have done it in my life. It has Mercedes intelligent LED Headlight. And the logo is in the Bonnet that shows this is a Mercedes Maybach. They didn't keep any Sportiness in the design language. You can see everywhere is chrome finished. And the tires are also chrome. These are ultimate. These are 23-inch alloy. But I have personally ridden in this car and I can't even feel any bumps because the suspension is on another level. When you open the door there's the biggest running board I've ever seen on this car And It's sturdy No problem in build quality.

What so ever It has soft close door, that is a must. You can see chrome on the side design & door pillar. They have accentuate chrome everywhere. And also they've kept a chrome touch under there. They have used a Maybach logo here. Roofline is also chrome finished. at the back, chrome here, chrome here, chrome here, chrome on the exhaust vents. It's not dual but Quad exhaust. And here you can see exhaust from these vents. If we follow the truck space, it has two steps. So at the first step it makes sure nobody's here and it opens at the second step. So as you can see, truck space is less if you put freeze in there. It's actually 455 liters. But the most interesting thing is the tonneau cover which has Maybach logo. This cover helps in air insulation, so you can't hear any noise even if you keep stuff at the back. This actually helps insulate noise from the cabin. Here you can see two speakers at the back and this car has total of 27 speakers. 1600 watt barmister the most premium sound system.

Crazy right ? And if you press the lock button, the trunk will shut off and the car will automatically lock. Tadaa Then to unlock it, I have this key. It is a White key for Maybach, specific white key. So it's very very nice. But the most visible thing is the interior of this car. But before we go I have to tell you that the wheelbase of this car has increased 7 inches compared to the standard GLS. So don't think it's plug and play above the GLS. Directly it's not like that.
Its wheelbase is extended by seven inches so the car is actually bigger than a normal GLS. They have used the most advanced suspension setting in this car that you can use on a vehicle. This has Magic Body control. Beside that there's many level control for suspension where it leans in corners at high speed. And there's a special mode called The Maybach Mode, where passengers don't feel any shock. On the maybach mode this car starts from second gear so no one can feel any jerkiness.

The most luxurious car from Mercedes which is used by the head of state. You wonder what kind of engine could have been given ? Definitely a V8. Can't have a better option than V8. And this is a V8 mile Hybrid technology engine. For this reason it was possible to import this car in Bangladesh because the Tax on hybrid cars is low. If it was non-hybrid then it would be priced the same as Rolls-Royce Cullinan 24 crore taka. But it prices double from Range Rover Vogue. Anyways this engine has 558 horsepower and 730 newton meters of torque. It's enough to move mountains.
Just to put in terms of preference, A stock GTR comes with 502 horsepower.

In any case, it's a hand built hand assembled Engine. But they didn't put the AMG logo here, rather they have put the Maybach logo because this engine is completely tuned for comfort. But don't be mistaken by this because this engine has enough power. And when you press the throttle, the engine will crant. But we won't be able to drive this car faster, because there's a sticker on the windshield that clearly states that about 1000 miles, it has to keep the RPM low for a proper break-in period. This car has a 48 voltage mile hybrid system that controls the air suspension and also when the car takes turns it stiffs the suspension and when you need comfort or maybach extreme comfort, this 48 voltage system helps the electronic anti roll bar to defuse or active More interesting fact is, the engine used in this car is the most top of the line AMG engine that is used in G63 AMG, S63 AMG, GLS 63 AMG, the same engine block.

Another fact is, the electricity this car consumes, is much more than your living room electricity, that provides this 48 volt battery. Usually whenever we do a review we sit in the front but in this car, we won't sit in the front because the feature it contains in the back, doesn't have half in the front. Because this car was meant to carry people in the utmost comfort that money can buy. A prime example seats are reclinable fully like first class seats.
And they've given 3 cushions one is on headrest . here's another one
and another one for leg rest. I feel like I'm sitting in a pillow factory.
Not just any pillow factory but the most luxurious expensive pillow factory in the world.

Nothing I tell you nothing comes close to the luxury of this car. Just a press of one button & the seats are reclinable. And I can see ac vents in the leg space. It has to be. If it's not in this car then which car should it have ? Normal cars also have this. It's fully set up.
All the way. Man, welcome to the good life. Did you like it ? You should like it. Let's go to sleep here.

We'll pick this up tomorrow Aadnan ,
I'm going to sleep. Hey, come back. So, I want to show an interesting thing.
Here, you can put glasses which come with the car. It's inside. Didn't bring it. You can put your glass here for your drinks. Here's a refrigerator like a full on chiller box where you can put 3 big size bottles. If no one sponsors me Water, one of these days I'm going to bring a water brand of my own. And then I'll sponsor myself. 3 big size bottles you can put in here.

pexels photo 3964704

So I've put these. Here's a Tab to control all the features in the front. Things that you want to do sitting in the front, you can do sitting in the back from here. Because once the seat is reclined, you can't touch the screens from here. Now one drawback I want to say.
They have provided wireless headphones from Maybach. These are extremely good wireless headphones.
It's a noise canceling wireless headphones. So when you start to watch something on screen and you want to adjust the screen, you can't adjust the screen using your hand. You've to adjust these with your legs like this. Wow!
That sucks.They should have thought about it. So yes. From here you can use radio, media.

Another interesting thing I want to show is that from here, you can off every blinds of this car. Up and down everything. You can on seat massage, hot relaxing back massage, hot relaxing shoulder massage, activating massage, classic massage, mobilizing massage. Bro this is a Spa. Spa doesn't give you so many options. Let's go to the sun blinds option. It's already close.
Open it all. Every blinds is open now
Individually you can control everything from here. Amazing
Just amazing. Whoever said money can't buy you happiness, please sit inside of Maybach. Here you can see more space.
If you drink something, you can either cool it or you can heat it. And there is a tray table here.
If you can't reach your hand here, you can up or down this. So the bottle does come up a little bit. And then you can charge your phone wirelessly here.
And this car has fours on climate control, not only that there's also a table.

I'll show you guys.
Here you have usb charging port. If you pick this middle console panel, I have my own tray table. Hello
This is the definition of luxury man. Can't stop smiling.
This car is amazing. Every work on leather is outstanding. Hand stitched leather. Everywhere is leather even on the door bin inserted is also leather. Inside you get swet leather. These all are the highest quality leather that comes from grass-fed cows. You fold it back down here and there's a storage space also here in the middle. I'll put this backdown. This is the epitome of comfort. I've nothing to say.

Here's a coat hanger, ac vents I'm so comfortable and you can turn the aircon off and on in the rear seat and the heating on and a one press button, every blinds either will open or close. And as you can see, Maybach is embossed here and genuine wooden texture inside the car. And this is made from recycled wood They didn't use any solid trees to make this wooden texture, instead, they used dead trees. We've heard about heated seats but did you ever heard about heated side pad ? This car has heated side pad. Every wood they've used, they have the same texture and they're all aligned. They use the same wood texture everywhere. This wood extension goes all the way to the back. Another interesting thing is, that I've never seen these ambient lighting roof speakers. So much detailed And Its sound system would be out of this world, definitely, I'll hear the sound system when I drive.

Also I can change the roof ambient lighting to multiple colors from here. Now it's Red And I'm changing it. To blue, purple, light blue green Amazing. Amazing. Mood lighting matters here when you're in a car of this class, it actually sets the mood if you're going through tough times in your Maybach. Well, times can be tough in your Maybach. Because those who are wealthy, when they make a profit, they profit a lot and when they lose, they lose a lot. So yeah You can cry in your Maybach. And there are at least six to eight charging ports so, whenever you're crying you can also charge your phone.

Anywhere in this car. I can see speakers on the seat backs Unbelievable
Unbelievable Why wouldn’t people buy this? Starting the Maybach GLS 600 with the help of this push-start button It's clearly visible from all angles. So if you buy a Maybach you'll be able to see push-start button You won't see this in any other cars. They'll keep that hidden Good thinking Maybach. Another funny thing is I should tell Hi Maybach Voice command doesn't turn on So I have to say Hi Mercedes Hi Mercedes How may I help you? What's the time? It is 10 02 p.m On point. So Front features are the same as the normal GLS, almost just that the luxurious touches are much much higher. Not only that, here you get wireless charging and genuine wooden texture.

You also get heated and cooled cup holders at the front. Maybach is written here on the touch panel and the hand rest wood is soft like anything. So yes If you're wealthy, you get softwood, otherwise, you don't. There's leather, there's wood here, there's a heads-up display and a sticker 1000 miles by 59 kilometer You have to drive slow, RPM under 4500, and maximum vehicle speed 140 kilometers per hour so that the engine will run smoothly. Here's a console box, where you get a perfume of Maybach number 08 mood. You can set this perfume here, so if your passenger stinks, this perfume can automatically disverces for better smell inside the car and diffuses the bad smell. Large door bins inserted with leather. And the pedals of Maybach is unbelievable.
The texture on this pedal is something else. And at the side of the door seals also shows the Maybach logo. You can see it there All in all This is something else I have Big vanity mirrors and if I could block the sun and the moon in the range rover, I can do the same here It's not better.

So this car has lots of features which are comfort base. Like here, front seat massage, energizing comfort, refreshing breeze active from that scent. You will feel warmth, vitality after setting up the light. Energizing coach. Pulse rate and history cannot be displayed. So you can actually connect your body when you put your fingertip, it will show up your pulse rate. It shows the conditions of your body. Wow Crazy tech. If you go to vehicle select mode you'll see Sport, comfort, and Maybach.
It's the ultimate comfort. If we go to individual then we can set all options individually. Settings and then Drive and then Suspension which is most important.

I can set that to comfort or sport. So If we go to vehicle option and then select Dynamic, we can set Lean option, this is how the car will behave in corners. So you can do maximum level, or you can do a minimum level. Mercedes has gone above and beyond with the Maybach lineup. This is insane. And other features of Mercedes that we've reviewed are also here like changing the dash panel to your individual style, you can see how much horsepower it generates through the info panel.

Engine conditions, off-road scores. This car has bouncy suspension which will help the car If it gets stuck in any situation. Today we're ending our episode with bouncy Mercedes Maybach GLS 600. Actually, this car doesn't have any insurance and It didn't cross the 1000-mile break in period and the car still hasn't been sold yet when we were shooting the video. So we couldn’t do the driving part. But in sha Allah, in future, we'll do that part.
Stay with us, watch new episodes and drive safely on the roads Thank you for watching.

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This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through links. Learn more on my Private Policy page.

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