Top 5 Problems GMC Yukon SUV 3rd Generation 2007-14

In this video, we're gonna be going over the
top five problems on this third generation GMC Yukon. Now there's nothing wrong with this vehicle,
all vehicles have their problems, these are just the top five that we have found. Number one, the EVAP vent valve. Now on this vehicle the vent valve itself
is located above the spare tire. To replace it, you need to remove the spare
tire and it connects right here to the vapor canister. Now the symptoms you may find with this is
a check engine light, you probably won't have any drivability issues, you probably won't
even feel it, it's just a check engine light.

When you scan it, you're gonna get a P0449
or a P0455. Whenever you get an EVAP code, the first thing
you wanna check is the gas cap. Just grab it, make sure it's not loose, you
can pull it off, just double check that seal. This system needs to be a sealed system. So as long as this is sealed, and everything
else underneath is working properly, most likely it's just that vent valve. Number two, throttle body. Now the throttle body for the engine is located
right here. It's attached to the intake. Now you may notice a engine reduced power
light coming on with a check engine light with a code P2135. And that has to do with the sensors in the
throttle body. Now what that code relates to is the two sensors
inside the throttle body, they have a backup sensor basically.

So the computer monitors both of those sensors
and wants to see that they're both working equally. What the computer sees is one of those is
not accurate. So that sets the light, sets the reduced power. Now if you clean the throttle body itself,
it's not gonna fix your problem, the only way to fix it is to either replace the sensor,
which normally it's easier to replace the whole throttle body and also check the connector,
sometimes if there's a weak connection that could cause that code as well. Number three, the front wheel bearings. Now while you're going down the road, you
may notice a loud grinding noise coming from the wheel bearings. It may sound like a helicopter or like jet
plane. And you may notice it changes with the direction
of the wheel. If you're going straight, it might be a certain
volume and then might get louder with one way versus the other way.

Now one way you can check is if you raise
the vehicle off the ground and just grab the top of the tire and the bottom of the tire
and just try to shake it back and forth. If there's any up and down play, most likely
it's in the wheel bearing. It could be in the ball joints, but most likely
it's in the wheel bearing. Now, sometimes the wheel bearings may be noisy
and they don't have any play but if you spin it, then you can hear a loud growling noise.

pexels photo 3964704

And you wanna check the right to left because
just because you think it's on the left side, it could be on the right side and vice versa. Number four, the door latch actuators. Now the door latch actuators on these vehicles
is connected to the door latch themselves, they're not separate, you do need to take
the door panel off to release them. Some of the symptoms you may find is when
you go to unlock the door with your key fob, one door or many doors may not unlock, but
you may notice that the other ones do. So it may lock in one way and not unlock or
vice versa.

And that's a good indication that there's
something wrong with the actuator and it's just got to be replaced. Number five, door handles, the inside door
handles and also the outside door handles. Now what happens with the inside door handles
sometimes this chrome plating chips up and it gets pretty sharp and that could actually
cut you. You're gonna wanna replace that handle. Sometimes they actually break as well.

With the outside door handles a lot of times
if you grab the handle too far back a lot of the retainers that hold this handle on,
they're thin plastic and they will break right there. So in that case again you have to replace
the whole handle. Should be good to go. So those are the top five problems that we
found with this vehicle, not too bad. If you enjoyed this vehicle make sure you
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