How to set up your De’Longhi portable air conditioner

This video has been
created to help you get started in setting up your De’Longhi portable
air conditioner. Your air conditioner
unit is heavy, don’t try to lift it
out of the box. Instead simply lift
the box up over the unit and roll the air conditioner
out of the base. Next, check all
the parts in the box. With just a few simple
steps to follow, your air conditioner
will provide you with complete comfort
in no time.

To set up without
permanent installation first place the unit next
to the window or door you wish to fix the hose. Make sure the air intake
and outlet grills are not obstructed. Screw the hose adaptor
onto the end of the exhaust hose if not already fitted and attach
to the back of the appliance. Now connect the window outlet
to the other end of the hose. The hose can extend
to 1.2 metres which is just over 47 inches and can be angled as necessary. Next, fit the window bracket,
it can be fitted to double hung, sliding, and casement windows
or a sliding door when using the extension kit. To fit to a double hung window
place the bracket in the window sill, horizontally, and extend the bracket fully
within the window frame. Fix the bracket by using the pin then lower the window
onto the bracket. Connect the window outlet
on the hose to the slot in the window bracket. For sliding windows and doors
position the bracket vertically with the hole at the bottom, again extending as necessary
to seal the gap. For casement windows place the
window outlet outside the window to expel the hot air.


For optimal results close the
windows and doors in the room to be cooled. The air conditioner needs
to expel the hot air outside when the machine is
in Air Conditioning, Heating or Dehumidifying mode
but not when in Fan Only mode. Do not use the appliance in very
damp rooms such as laundries. Close blinds and curtains
to reduce exposure from the sun, this will help make the
appliance run more economically. Do not obstruct the air
intake or outlet grills and never cover whilst in use.

At the end of the season,
drain the water from the unit by removing the cap on the back and allow the water
to drain out into a bowl. For further information about
our air conditioners check out the customer support section
on our website..

As found on YouTube

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