Top 5 Problems Ford Edge SUV First Generation 2007-14

In this video, we're gonna go over the top
five problems of this generation, which is the first generation of the Ford Edge. So there's nothing wrong with the Ford Edge. We just have access to manufacturer's TSBs,
which are technical service bulletins, and the top five problems they have with all cars. So, we wanna share with you what we know about
this car. So, number one on the list is code P0456. That is an EVAP emission leak. Although there's many pieces in EVAP system,
the number one listed for the cause of that code is the canister purge valve. And that is located on the top of the engine. So, we're gonna have to disconnect this cover. We're just gonna free the tube off for you
to get a better view of it.

With all this out of the way, you can clearly
see the canister purge valve. It's located right here. You get two mounting bolts, 8-millimeter,
takes that right off. Take it out, disconnect the local connector,
just squeeze on that tab and pull, and pull that sensor out, put it in. So, remember just because that is the number
one cause of that code doesn't mean it could be the only cause of that code. So, if you need to, please get your system
tested and checked properly. If not, go for it and change that little solenoid. Number two, door ajar light. We checked this one out. It was on when we purchased it. We also had a battery drain.

So that might be happening too. Checked it all out and discovered that it
was the driver's door latch. So the door ajar switch is in the actual latch
on this model. They're in all of them, but this one, the
switch is not separate. It comes with the whole latch. Every vehicle has a switch in every latch. All of them have it, even the hatch. But on this particular model, the number one
cause for that light is the driver's door.

And to fix that, it's the whole latch. So, number three is oil life maintenance reset. Apparently, people have problems with it,
and I understand why now, because the first thing it says on the TSB, technical service
bulletin, is "See car manual." Well, let me tell you, I went through that
car manual, and I couldn't find it. And I still actually haven't found it. And I've gone to the index, and it got to
the point that we went page per page, got up to 362, where we finally found scheduled
maintenance. And I thought, "Oh, good, we're gonna read
this, and it's gonna tell us how to reset it." And it really doesn't.

It just tells you that you need to reset it. So, we're gonna do it on our own, see if we
get it. So, key in the ignition, turn it on. And I'm gonna use the menu over there. Display, scroll down to information, hit the
over arrow. I have three warnings, which I know what they
are. Check system, oil life comes up. I'm at 42%. At this point, I cannot reset it, because
it won't allow me to. When it gets down to 10%, I'm allowed to reset
it, so you're gonna hit and highlight oil life. And if it says 10%, hit Okay, and it will
go up to 100%. If that does not work, it says 100%, and you
clear it, goes back to normal, and it still says, "Maintenance needed," go to the manufacturer
and get them to reset it, because they have to flush the BCM, which is the body control

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So, good luck. Number four, P193 code. Headlights don't work, but the high beam indicator
stays on. So here is the actual technical service bulletin
from Ford, Ford-released technical service bulletin. Number four is you can call your Ford dealer
with that number, and they know that that is the TSB for that. There's the code, P193C. And sometimes it can be affiliated also with
U0401. And there is a date prior to this, is when
it effected. So, your build date has to be prior to that. So, the recommendation for the TSB is power
control module calibration software, which it can only be done at the manufacturer or
dealer to the latest level, and notes that the vehicle's concerns with it generally occurs
when shifting gears or when the engine is left idling for a long period of time with
the A/C on. The second part of that is for the issues
of the loss headlight operation, perform self-test of the body control module and front, like,
control module, and clear the service codes after recording them. Recheck operation. If the lights are still not working in the
BCM, which is the body control model, did not store any service codes, perform a reset.

The reset is by pulling fuse 23, which is
a 15 amp fuse at the BCM fuse box for 5 to 10 minutes with the ignition off. The location of the fuse box that has the
body control module fuse in it that you're gonna pull is on the driver's side, left side
kick panel. Just take this little button, pull it out,
and this is the cover. And it is number 23, so you're just gonna… These two little prongs here, you squeeze
them, take the cover off. You're just gonna squeeze these two prongs,
and it will release itself from the fuse box. You're gonna look for number 23, which is
right here. So, in the fuse panel, the indicator shows
a relay, and it's a 15 amp second one down, so that would be… The yellow's 22. This first blue one is number 15 amp, and
that is number 23. And you're just gonna take your fuse puller
and pull it out. Leave it out. Make sure the key is off. Leave it out for 10 to 15 minutes. Then you're gonna reinstall it, and that should
reset the module for the headlights.

If it does not, you're gonna need to go to
the dealer. Number five, code P2196. Yeah, it's another EVAP code. Now, the first one was an EVAP code. This second one is an EVAP code. When it does come to the fuel vapors, I strongly
recommend having a whole system tested. The little valves in the solenoids can be
kind of expensive, and these Fords do have the style filler neck without the cap. Now, it wouldn't be the first time I've seen
this change. They usually go in New England sooner than
later because of all the road salt and sand that we have up here is a major issue.

So, if you don't have access to testing, the
number one part for that code is the purge valve solenoid, which is located down by the
gas tank at the canister. So, if you wanna try it, go for it. The code comes back, you need to have the
system checked. So, that's our top five problems with this
Ford Edge. Now, I'm not saying it's a bad car. Every car has its problems. I just wanna be able to tell you about them,
because I have access to them. And don't forget to subscribe and hit that
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