for most people who have two-story homes go that's 
impossible that didn't happen yeah so dad can you   tell everybody some of the improvements that 
you've made to my hvac system here in my house   you know to review we've got the micro power guard 
we've got to ultraviolet light treatments we now   have a high efficiency blower assembly now the the 
next thing that we did was you have a multi-level   home a three-level home two-story with a finished 
basement and you've got one thermostat and it's   located at the top of the stairs here on the first 
floor that's all that you had for control and so   what we did is we split it and i don't know if 
you're going to be able to see it but way up   here in the top you can see we had a duct up there 
that went straight up into the attic that's always   beneficial when they they run it that way a 
lot of the newer homes they do it that way   we actually had a duct that went your supply 
duct went two different directions one straight   up stairs to the second floor the other one 
went over horizontally kind of hard to see   went over horizontally to feed the basement 
and the first floor so you can kind of see it   back there and what we've done is added a zoning 
system now the zoning system what it consists of   is a control panel over here on the 
wall this one was made by april there   i've installed this zoning panel we've added a 
second thermostat on the top floor upstairs and   we have wired it to the zone panel we've taken the 
original thermostat wired it to the zoning panel   and we put dampers in each of those two ducts we 
showed you and so now your thermostats now come   and talk to this zone panel and as you can see 
for instance right now we're calling for cooling   and there's a green light in zone one the dampers 
are open in zone one they are closed in zone two   so we know that the first floor thermostat 
is calling for cooling right now what it did   is it went from that continuous blower where 
everything was open to uh oh we've got a call   for cooling it shuts off the second floor runs 
now nothing but air conditioned air i can feel   i can hear the air conditioner running right now 
and it's going to deliver chilled air to the first   floor until the thermostat is satisfied it will 
shut it off and then it will go back to what it   was doing and that is circulating there by opening 
up all the dampers and running air everywhere and   then the second floor can call you know we were 
busy painting over the weekend and we actually had   at 70 we were 70 degrees upstairs on the second 
floor and we were 75 degrees on the first floor   which for most people who had two-story homes go 
that's impossible that didn't happen yeah and you   can actually be painting the room i could feel air 
moving being blown out of the register and yet you   weren't freezing us out of the downstairs no the 
downstairs actually felt kind of on the warm side   so that's our zoning system it works extremely 
well this is about as simple as it gets two   zones two dampers two thermostats but that now 
kind of completes the upgrade to the system   and you said at your house your basement 
was able to be zoned this basement was not   able to be zoned into a third zone uh and when 
when i say not able anything is possible yeah   yes we could have or we could have but it would 
have been really really labor-intensive and   this is just a guest bedroom down here hardly ever 
used and so what we're going to do now is manually   adjust the dampers in the registers to maintain 
depending on the season in the cooling season we   don't want any air down here so we've got them 
closed off come winter time we'll open them up   so that it'll kind of share in the heating of the 
first floor and another a big thing that really   helps is uh you've got a a door at the top of the 
stairway so in a door at the top or at the bottom   of the stairway i don't care but if you can close 
that off especially in the winter time it will be   much much much easier to heat the basement the 
basement the lower level thanks for the upgrades yep

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