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Something like that I'm just I don't know I had a friend in High school he was you know I'm gonna Get into it it's fine all right so let's Look at these one star reviews you guys Tell me here's what I'm curious about When you look at these one star reviews I'ma read them out here think to Yourself if you're listening after the Fact but if you're watching you can Write down the chat here the live chat That's right podcast people this is Live On YouTube so you can go watch it on YouTube live and interact with me as a Host What a treat for both of us All right here's the first one star Review is it is it legit or is someone Whining Four months ago a one-star review for This particular company says I can't Tell you how much let me do my whiny Customer voice actually I can't tell you How much I can't recommend this coming They first came out to my broken hbic Two months ago from the valley too I Guess they told me after the first two Weeks apart was back ordered it would Take two weeks to ship I have called over five times to get Updates I've been told I would receive a Call back multiple times I've been told That's part shipped and then it didn't I've been told the parts manager went on

Vacation and nobody knows what's going On I just need an evaporator coil for my Broken HKC system they can't even help Me with that I'm going with a different Company hopefully we'll get AC back All right was it legit or not Lit lit let's go back to the chat I Guess Charlie England says I feel the same I Can at least tell when the guy in front Of me is smoking compared to drinking Yeah because he's doing he's driving Five miles an hour Thomas Lex says drinking or driving Drunk speeding and swerving cutting People off smoking marijuana driving 45 Miles an hour in the 65 mile an hour Zone which one do you prefer Yep Uh Adam says sounds like this company Drop the ball okay so let's discuss here For a second what about our shipping Problems shipping problems do you think They dropped the ball with ordering the Part or do you think they dropped the Ball with communication because Everybody's had a lot of problems here Recently I'm glad I kind of wasn't Involved with that during the covet but Everybody had issues getting parts in it Was kind of insane so Is it feasible That their communication sucks or do you Think they didn't order the part Now ordering parts communication I don't

Know I've been I regretfully say that I've forgotten to Order parts before And it wasn't like this long I mean Maybe like the next day or something I Like oh I better order that Yeah Shannon Knights is legit and it was a Linux evaporator coil John Harrell says surprise they did try Selling a new one or didn't try selling A new one I'm guessing yeah I'm Surprised too the next company probably Will Uh Adam says shipping is one thing but Communication is the issue never should Have blamed on parts manager haha yeah Right good point got to get a part if Supplier does not have it can I get a Parts supplier tonight yet that's right So I think it's probably like a shipping Related faux pas okay so bad Communication got him one star all right Let's go to the next one and I'm very Careful not to say the company names Because some of these things like you Guys know people whine about stuff and They make more out of it that it's Actually there so I don't want to paint Them as a Bad Company because there's a Lot of five star reviews too so we're Just having fun here and we know a lot Of this stuff is just a bunch of Smoke

Here's number two here no Cannon you Can't call in tonight because the phone Doesn't work that little thing did not Work after all and it wouldn't even Charge and hello Susie And Joe Shearer says at least they could Have gassed it up yeah man they could Have gassed it up Of course they Coulda they should have Gassed it up man that would have been All right gas it up next time people out There listening from my town you know Who you are Six months ago one star worst experience I well sorry I forgot the voice worst Experience I ever had I had an estimate To replace a control bar I caught Numerous times for every two months and Got nowhere the parts person never Caught back because I was told they Would they would several times for an Update of getting the part needed oh I Got you they were supposed to call her One time the person I got tried selling Me a new unit oh no even though I told Him more than once all I needed was info On a part that was supposed to be Uttered for me will never use or Recommend this business Sounds like another bad case of Communication Maybe it's just communication in this Company I should have got different Companies one star reviews because it

Seems like this is definitely Communication related what do you guys Think let me know in the chatting area Chatting again Adam's here communication Problems for company led to easily Avoidable bad review and here they are I hope I don't remember where the third One is I hope it's not communication Again but I'm starting to see a pattern So let's try this again And number three One star six months ago My brother and I are disabled These are Zach's reviews you got to do Work to get reviews pal hey That's funny my brother and myself are Disabled our AC unit was also disabled Our AC unit was freezing up so we called And they had a man right out he said They had had to order a part to fix it He said he ordered it before he left the House well a week goes by the parts not In yet two weeks go by the parts come in Yet on the third week we find out the Part was never ordered if you want Something fixed don't call these people Uh yeah this is like the same thing Again I I we should have vetted these these One star reviews better or maybe it's Just every one star review is Communication based but it looks like This guy just fell down on the job Fell down on the job okay quickly let's

Go back and check our covid-19 poll will Mead Gunner be diagnosed with covid-19 No 67 yes 33 percent Joe Shearer this all these are the same Person it looks like this company and This is a national chain company not one That I really talk about very often so It's not like oh it's ars no it's not It's not ARS but I'm sure we could find A bunch of these reviews for ARs and not Because ARS is horrible I don't know Just because there's so many reviews John Harrell's like is it one hour no It's not one hour but it's sort of like That same type of company and I won't Tell you if you do guess it I definitely Won't tell you

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