My Subs are Liars #hvac

And you're all right so thank you I have My chats up in various locations so Let's see what does the poll say the Poll was how cold is it where you're at There's a nice generic poll that every Man can give get could get with right we Love the weather we love talking about The weather and what it's like Everywhere all the time so it looks like That it is either 60 plus or 40 to 59 Where you guys are at no one's in the Cold weather No one out there has cold weather are You flip-flopping kidding me are you Fricktastic kidding me are you Fling-a-ling kidding me all right No one's in the cold weather Know what I think of that y'all say You're not in the cold weather at least One year is in the cold weather come on See when he is in the cold weather That's right I got little visual aids

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