HVAC Energy Rebates and the New Carrier Heat Pump

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This video is brought to you by navac Empowering you to work smarter with Their new Break Free power tube expander The nte 11l We are going to take a look at some news Real news okay I got some real new stuff Let me make sure I can bring it up here Just to keep you guys informed and it Actually comes from a website called HVAC informed All About doing the right the right thing All the time doing the right thing Especially Friday at 4 30. That's great I love that Ah I wrote that that's good hit the Wrong button but I really enjoyed that Here we go HVAC Informed.com here we are over here tax Credits and rebates mean more business For the HVAC Marketplace I was kind of Curious about this and oh Larry here Let's see Clean energy Investments This is my favorite part the the Inflation act comes back again clean Energy Investments a new law provides Americans with access to 370 billion for Clean energy investments in the form of Tax credits incentives and rebates to Improve Energy Efficiency there is also A tax deduction for owners of commercial Buildings retrofitted to meet energy Saving goals in August 2022 President

Biden signed the inflation reduction act Which despite its name even these guys Say that despite its name focuses on Billions of dollars Of spending on climate change and health Care Sorry families can take advantage of Clean energy and Electric Vehicle tax Credits remember they're plugged into Like oil oil derrick basically your Focus not focus well maybe Focus Your electric car is plugged directly to An oil deck I just want to say that Barrick or Derek Hmm I cannot remember now We can say about twelve hundred dollars Per year skip skip skip energy efficient Home Improvement tax credit let's see The law renews the energy efficient Home Improvement tax credit and increases the Credit limit for installing high Efficiency equipment such as heat pumps Central air conditioning systems Furnaces hot water boilers Etc the program is extended through 2032 Good night for 10 years well I'm pretty Sure the next Administration will Probably cancel that the 1200 annual cap Includes up to 600 for a qualified air Conditioner or gas furnace up to two Thousand dollars for qualified heat pump Heat pump water heater or boiler there Are no income requirements and the tax

Credit can be combined with local or Utility rebates in addition the Inflation reduction act know the one About inflation reduction Provides 14 000 in Direct Customer Rebates for families to buy heat pumps Or other energy efficient home Appliances contingent on income Requirements fourteen thousand That is crazy that is crazy Unbelievable so fourteen thousand all Right let's see what else I got here Oh we'll read the criteria too because I'm kind of curious now the high Efficiency electric home rebate program Or Hee-Haw provides point of sale Rebates as high as eight thousand Dollars for a space heating or cooling Heat pump Eight thousand it also provides an 840 Rebate on a stove cooktop range oven or Heat pump clothes dryer and Seventeen Hundred and fifty dollars for a heat Pump water heater an additional rebate Is available for non-appliance upgrades Such as insulation air sealing and Ventilation that's a thousand dollars Man I'm glad we all pay taxes guys Rebate criteria there are limits to the Amount families can receive based on Income and other factors for example a Rebate cannot exceed 50 percent of the Cost of a qualified project if the

Family's annual income is between 80 Percent and 150 percent of the medium Income in the area For lower income households 100 of the Costs are covered each family is limited To fourteen thousand dollars or less in Total rebates under the program Good grief Distribution right we're gonna stop it Right there well look at that guys They're giving away all of our you know All that money you're paid in taxes here It is right here guys you might as well Go ahead and take it back and sell Something based on it and I guess that's That's good right use it to sell Equipment at least at least you can have Some kind of benefit from it which I Think is important because otherwise We're just you know PP in a way are Taxes I think so let's see what else we Have One More Story here carrier to begin Field Trials of breakthrough cold Climate heat pump challenge prototype Let's see what this is Carrier let's see What these pictures are first let me see I'm just curious uh it's gonna take Forever these are guys staring at a Carrier condensing unit and then the Next pitcher are a guy standing behind a Carrier condensing unit as if to say We're really proud of this condensing Unit okay

Carrier is ready for phase two of the Department of Energy's cold climate heat Bump challenge which is field testing Its prototype heat pump in a harsh Climate what does that mean this Milestone comes on the heels of the Inflation reduction act here we go again Which provides Americans that are 370 Billion for clean energy investments in The form of tax credits incentives and Rebates to improve Energy Efficiency The does challenge aims to accelerate Commercialization of heat bumps that Meet Comfort needs in cold climate Regions of North America thereby Expanding energy efficient and incentive Eligible Heating and Cooling options for Customers I always wonder though Guys if if people don't want something Or can't afford something Really should the government just let it Be right they should probably just let It be Not just try to cram this crap down our Throats at every you know this is just My personal opinion I guess I'm more of A Libertarian in this area It says we're pleased with the lab Performance of our prototype heat pump And the final test result says Justin Keppy president North American Residential and Light Commercial HVAC carrier our team of

Dedicated engineers and product managers Are hard at work continuing to develop Next Generation heat pumps to increase Efficiency save customers money and Benefit the environment the federal Incentives offered through the inflation Reduction act are critical to the Adoption of high efficiency heat bumps And carrier is committed to delivering Innovative climate friendly technology To participate in a challenge carrier Committed to producing a heat pump with Increased cold climate performance where Is the actual information Because they keep saying vague stuff Okay so here's the problem Here's the problem guys let me tell you So oops The problem is that they keep saying This stuff I mean what does it actually Do I don't know because they absorbed a Huge chunk of our money and then they Printed a whole bunch the inflation Reduction act actually increases Inflation probably I don't know this is A huge crap Fest I promise you that I don't know what the stats are on this Heat pump because it doesn't say Anything about it this is Harsh Environment so for someone from Florida Where I'm at might be a harsh Environment because it's 55 degrees Today Florida might be like we can't Take it we'll die you know then if you

Go here and then we go up north that's a Harsh environment and then up in New York they're saying well they see it Like this I don't want to go to the Yukon territories that's a harsh Environment It's a really good impression I have Family in New York so that's cool That's not it's not actually anything Like what they sound like though So I don't know if that's any good or Not but at least we can look forward to Having more Heat pumps out there that can handle Cold weather I guess even though they're All plugged into the same grid that goes Back to the coal plant so I don't know How good electric actually is I'm sure There is some benefit to it being more Efficient with the energy I don't know guys maybe we need a Consult an expert but I don't talk to Any experts as I'm just a lowly person In Willard North Carolina I'm gonna go back to doing what I was Doing before cutting blocks of wood into Different shapes and uh reading up about Our fine industry here

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