Heat Won’t Cut off at Set Point

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Let's take these comments out and we Have the first one is from Sandra Sandra Says this is on a video called electric Furnace runs heat and blower constantly Hello heat will not turn off when Reaching set temp it will turn off at The thermostat or by lowering the set Temp down one degree It will not turn off when reaching the Septum this has kind of been interesting Statement here because Hey Mike he said I got a boss in the House now it's doing it's better it's It's better so Although I one day I want to talk about The bosses you put in and how you do it Because obviously you have your YouTube Channel putting in all sorts of stuff It'd be fun to talk anyway but uh hella The heat will not turn off when reaching Set temp okay you can turn it off at the Thermostat Or by lowering the set temp down one Degree So obviously it's responding the Thermostat's responding in the machine's Behaving so to me guys you can chime in On this it sounds like it hasn't you Know just because it's reached the set Temp sometimes you still have to run Before it'll shut off So I'm guessing that might be it it's Kind of odd it's kind of an odd thing That you actually have to lower the

Temperature down for it to work I mean Thermostats can be faulty but it doesn't Sound like anything wrong with the Machine itself this comment was on a Video the Heat and blower running Constantly because one of the relays it Failed which is pretty common electric Furnaces All right let's see what do you guys Think of that one you can you can still Chime in I'll go to the next comment but You could still uh put your two cents in There I think it has to be the Thermostat I didn't respond to her so She'll never know but I think it's a Thermostat probably What is your experience with gree mini Split systems I asked us on a post and Had a bunch of guys weighing in on it And actually should have brought up I'm Gonna bring it up on the other screen Down here see if I can do that Oh let's see Community tab Yeah I got to 30 000 subscribers too Mikey's like I've gotten a 30 000 like a Couple times What's special for me All right what is your experience with Degree mini split systems stuck relay Susie does the stuck relay you know but They wouldn't turn off it wouldn't turn Off like that because I'm stuck realized To me if it's a like a stack sequencer Or something like that it sticks and it

Keeps on or running it keeps on and Running Joshua Seaton says degree Flex is very Nice very nice very nice Ice white ice when asking about Experience with green mini split says He's able to get parts for board went Out and he got it replaced quickly so That's pretty important right there you Can actually get the parts for these Which can be a big deal nowadays In the poll that I put up says what is Your experience with green mini split Systems which is where this came from I put positive negative and no Experience so no experience one was 73 So most people haven't dealt with them Negative is 12 positive of 15 now when I Go to the comments here I think most of them are positive Uh I've installed a fair few in Australia with no issues I don't I don't see anything here that's A negative About it so there's no negative comments On the post I don't know guys I mean it just came up It's something that I thought about Adam Was talking about it Joshua I don't know what she's doing but I think it's definitely in the Thermostat he says I think she is Pushing just hard enough on the Thermostat to break a short behind it I

Don't know what she's doing on that Thermostat but it must be one of them Thermostats that misbehaving or it's Just not reaching Like I was saying earlier sometimes when It shows the set temp and you've reached It There's still like a partial degree Setting where it hasn't quite reached The actual cut-off temperature sometimes That's what it is I'm not sure we'll Never know we'll never know she'll never Tell me

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