HVAC Leak Testing with Oxygen

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All right let's go to the next one we Have well this is the last one right Here we have a vacuum comment You guys are gonna enjoy this one okay Sean Woods says great video thank you For the information hey no problem Sean My pleasure I'm installing my own system and for Pressure testing must it be nitrogen You know it's going to be a problem when It starts like that I'm asking because I Have different welding tanks of high Pressure argon in oxygen Oxygen That I was hoping to use to check for Leaks prior to vacuum well it's actually Irrelevant that I answer this because He's already dead But you know what I'm saying It's not good it's not good So you you want to use inert gas You know it I guess it doesn't have to Be nitrogen but I think nitrogen has the Best properties for doing pressure Testing You guys can say if it's not or yeah Adrian that guy is already on the moon He took a shortcut I don't I don't know why I guess I Almost think the guy's saying that just To appear Like pretend to be I don't want to say stupid because That's mean but like say something

Stupid so you kind of Say oh what do you think are you you're In it and I that sort of thing on the Internet how internet is It's like oh Because you know internet guys they will Savor the moment in which they can Correct you they like to correct you Anytime they can and is a certain amount Of satisfaction maybe even sexual for Some of them to correct somebody I'm Just saying I'm just saying

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