“Central Air Conditioner Installation: Setting Up Your Outdoor Unit”

Installation of a Complete Air Conditioning System

The Importance of Proper Installation

Hi everybody! Today we’re going to be watching the installation of an air conditioner. This is a complete system, including a furnace coil and air conditioner, but we’re going to focus on the outdoor portion of the system today. We have our team of Evan and Christian, who have been working together for several years. They are splitting up here, with one primarily working inside one’s primarily working outside.

The most important day in the life of an air conditioner is the day it’s installed. We take pride in our work and make sure to use tubing benders on everything that we do, so everything is nice and level. Over time, this attention to detail ensures the system always looks good, which is our trademark stamp.

Recovery and Recycling

The first step in the installation process is to recover the refrigerant from the existing air conditioner. This is done using a recovery machine, which ensures that the refrigerant is recycled and sent back to the recycler. This is an important part of the installation process.

We also replace the electrical disconnect and whip on the outside of the house. These are small parts but an important part of the overall system. We want everything to be weather-tight and functional, so we replace everything, even small parts like these.

We also reset the pad outside, ensuring that it is leveled and securely in place. This helps with water drainage and ensures that the system remains stable over time.

Reconnecting Refrigerant Lines

Once the pad is in place, we reconnect the refrigerant lines to the unit, using tubing benders for a clean, professional appearance. We also use high-temperature brazing on the copper lines for a secure and reliable connection.

As we’re changing refrigerant types in this installation, we flush the lines and then completely evacuate the system before recharging it with fresh new refrigerant.

High and Low Voltage Reconnection

Next, Christian reconnects both the high voltage and low voltage lines to the air conditioner. This is done carefully and securely, ensuring proper function and safety.

Dry nitrogen is then used to purge the lines and pressure test the joints. This helps to clean the refrigerant line sets and ensures a reliable connection.

Checking the Charge

It’s important to check the charge on the air conditioner to ensure peak performance. This involves ensuring the refrigerant levels are within the appropriate range and making any necessary adjustments. Our team uses electronic gauges to make these adjustments and double-check each other’s work at every stage of the process.

Finishing Touches

Before wrapping up the installation, our team double-checks the entire system, making any necessary adjustments and ensuring that everything is neat and tidy. This includes wiping down the air conditioner, ensuring straight lines on the pad, and making sure the entire system looks professional and appealing.

We always try to imagine the air conditioner as if it were installed in our own homes. This level of care and attention to detail helps to set our installations apart from the competition.

A Complete Installation Process

So there you have it! That’s a complete outdoor installation of an air conditioning system, with a focus on detail, quality, and professionalism. Our team of Evan and Christian have worked together to ensure a smooth and efficient installation process, and now a homeowner has a brand new, functional air conditioning system. We hope this walkthrough has given you some insight into the importance of proper installation and the attention to detail that goes into our work.

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