Heat Pump Blowing Cold At Night

hey guys in today's video I am replacing um 
three two pole sequencers with two two pulse   inkward sequencers one of those q106s that has 
two two pole sequencers kind of twin together I'm not sure I do a great job of explaining how 
to do it but I do take you along through the   process of me tracing out the wires and 
seeing where everything goes here we go all right this customer said 
that sometimes it blows cold foreign I think we had a trip breaker for the heat strips that was an 80 amp breaker now do not keep that 80 amp breaker okay foreign lovely all right let's see about these heat Strokes common right here we have a grounded common all right so the thermostat's calling 
for electric heat but I have zero amps no sequencers look rough every one of them 24 volts thank you all right I just caused that one to 
come on it was also getting 24 volts and that one was as well foreign let's see if I can figure out 
which ones they are come on all right I got 20 amps on this one no amps on the one in the middle so that's 
not the one that came on and 20 amps over here so far the one in the middle has not come on I'll be honest it'd be hard 
to change just one of them yeah that's gonna be yeah because 
they are Outdoors like this this so   they're going to be very brittle and 
they're going to break very easily all right what I'm checking right here is 
across the power wire for the heat strip itself all right so I was getting a call and um 
it's not the sequence of not pulling in excuse me 20 amps 20 years we got a sequencer a double 
pole sequencer for every he's true I know this is all for creating time 
delays and stuff like that but that's just awkward I think I'm just going to 
replace all of them with this double pole   double sequencer double 
pole but first we need to um look at this breaker right here foreign oh that looks good oh my word but that is hot smoking hotter and they can pull them about 40 amps that's going to be an 80 amp Cutler 
Hammer what size wire is that I guess an 80 amp Siemens same thing all right that's some pretty big copper 
actually looks like number four copper foreign this is just to bring on another sequencer I am not brown one okay that's gonna bring on my blower 
so this one let me find my red yeah okay so this one and this one are 
for my blower and the rest are just   not really used so I'm fixing to rip all that out   this is going to go on the top and 
then the rest are going on the bottom where everything here is so fragile it's yellow right here is and I've got a blue oh that's gonna be man we got a 
defrost relay on this thing foreign foreign foreign foreign looks like red is normally closed 
Brown is tell you what let's uh I'm gonna zip tie those together if I don't get them confused tour for the fan let me make sure all my yellow nope wrong one still wrong one oh yellow's coming look at that so my 
yellow is common and then blue and orange I'm not seeing orange at all oh that goes to purple yeah okay so 
blue and orange are going to be my hot how about this right here that right there is just fragile mm-hmm all right first let's see about these we don't want to use M1 and 
M2 we want to use the others okay all right so the yellow is going to one side and then 
blue and orange are going to the other all right let me see does that give me any room and then we got these those are going on M1 and M2 it 
doesn't really matter which side foreign so all of these have different time times on 
them one two three four five six seven eight but when it goes into defrost it's 
going to bring on all the heat strips   and when it calls for heat it's 
going to bring on all the heat strips now I need to see about mounting that foreign I got that mounted in this seems to be stable at least all right I had to run to go get that breaker 
I do not carry 80 amp breakers on my van   the cost of that one was 81 dollars it's 
uh all they had was a home line and most   of the time that's okay but everything else 
on this one was semen so I hope it works   we're on our way back first things 
foreign let's see if this is going to fit it does how about now foreign heavy duty wire that wire 
right there is good for 95 amps so that wire is not going to burn up foreign I'm just getting that snug right now I'll do a little more tightening once we get this in place foreign foreign oh let's jump to White and see what happens my blower should come on first we got power I just heard blower come on I got one heat strip still want to see if I can get a screw into the into that porcelain all right now we got and that did just like it was 
supposed to fan came on first then everything else all right all right so that part's done it's no 
longer going to blow cold sometimes yeah I do wish to kill this for just a second um nope I'm not going to get a 
screw into that the screw is broken can y'all see that that little 
stub of a screw sticking out I'm gonna leave it like that foreign thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed 
these videos and I'll see y'all tomorrow

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