3 Simple Techniques to Reduce Air Conditioner Noise Efficiently


As the days start to get warmer and the evenings nicer, we want to spend more time in our backyard, and we don’t want our air conditioner to be so noisy that it’s a distraction. In today’s article, we’re going to show you a super easy method of lowering the decibel count of your air conditioner.

Preliminary Steps

Before we dive into the details, let’s go through some preliminary steps.

Step 1: Disconnect the Unit

The first thing we’re going to do is to pull our disconnect. Set it on top of the unit and close it off to ensure safety during the process.

Step 2: Remove the Lid

Next, we’re going to remove the lid from the air conditioner. This can seem a little bit daunting for a homeowner, but using Malco bits can make the process much easier. These reversible bits have a magnetic tip and can be easily flipped between a quarter-inch and a 5/16-inch size, perfect for working on air conditioning units.

Addressing the Compressor Noise

The Role of the Compressor

Inside the air conditioning unit, you will find the compressor. The compressor is the main component that pushes the refrigerant through the line set, compressing it, and pushing it through to the inside unit and then back through the outside unit. Over the years, this compressor can get pretty noisy, which can be quite bothersome when trying to enjoy your backyard.

Using a Compressor Jacket

One way to alleviate this noise is by covering the compressor with a compressor jacket. These jackets consist of an exterior made out of a tough, sound-deadening rubber material and an interior filter material that provides additional sound-muffling qualities.

Installing a compressor jacket is a simple process:

1. Loosely wrap the jacket around the compressor, maneuvering it around any pipes or components.
2. Once in place, use the built-in Velcro straps (or additional tape) to secure the jacket around the compressor.

Adding a compressor jacket can significantly reduce the decibel count of your air conditioner, making it much more pleasant to be outdoors near the unit.

Addressing Vibration Noise

Another source of noise from the air conditioning unit is vibrations caused by loose screws. To address this, simply go through the unit and tighten any loose screws to eliminate any unnecessary noise from the vibrations.

Additional Noise-Reducing Options

Besides using a compressor jacket and tightening screws, here are a few more options for reducing the noise from your air conditioning unit:

Install an Easy Start Kit

An Easy Start Kit, made by MicroAir, allows the compressor to start gradually and with lower initial power, reducing the noise it makes while starting up. As a bonus, these kits also make it possible to use your generator to power your AC, providing additional versatility for homeowners.

Create a Barrier Around the Unit

Another option for reducing noise from your air conditioner is to install a barrier around the condensing unit. As long as you maintain a clearance of about 12 inches on each side, creating a barrier can lessen the noise from your unit.


In conclusion, there are various ways to reduce the level of noise produced by your air conditioning unit. Whether it’s using a compressor jacket, tightening screws, installing an Easy Start Kit, or creating a barrier around the unit, these methods can significantly improve your outdoor experience during warmer months. However, if your unit continues to get louder over the years, upgrading to a higher SEER rating or a new system altogether may be the best solution for a quieter backyard experience.

If you found this article helpful, give it a like, and make sure to check the video description for links to the products used in this guide. Until next time, stay safe and enjoy your quieter air conditioning unit!

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