Working Solo as an HVAC Technician

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I had to sell my DeWalt miter saw to Help my son pay for his huge college Debt because of a long story so I was Going off to buy a replacement which was A 15 Facebook Marketplace saw which is Going to need some love that's fine Because I like taking stuff apart Putting it back together and having it Work better than before that's what we All do by and large And I was driving back and it was not That long ago like an hour and a half Ago and the sun was going down and it Kind of had like a reminiscing thing Going looking back at all the service Calls that I did late in the day Just kind of thinking about all those Towns when I came home really really Late and I was thinking that I you know I really enjoyed that part of the job I Really enjoyed coming back and I was Thinking about Holden Beach the sun's Coming down Uh there's not that many cars on the Road you could see all the lights from The beach the hotels and stuff like that Really really cool and I also realized That that might just be me Because by and large you either like Being around a whole bunch of people at Work or you don't I like working alone I Thought that was really I thought it was Fun it was quiet as relaxing and I think There's a difference between being

Lonely and alone at work I enjoyed just Being by myself and I realized that like Eight or nine hours would go by and There was no talking at all maybe the Radio was on but I didn't speak all the Stuff was going on in my head I'd think About what I was doing it just I always Work well like that and it's kind of Strange because it was kind of a lot of Solitude but I enjoyed it I enjoyed it I Enjoyed those long trips home and all That stuff But that was supposed to be like longer But I didn't want to draw it out because You know It's it's just one of those things it's One of those things where A lot of guys would understand that Completely and then a lot of guys are Completely different they ride with Somebody every day I used to ride with My brother when I first started we'd Have the same radio station we listened To and it was my brother so we were Pretty you know we were in sync it's we Knew each other very well all our lives In fact We listened to the same Radio Show in The morning though Brian and Jim surf oh Geez Surf 97.3 or something like that 99.9 I Forget what it is but it was alternative Rock it was back at the turn of the Millennium

We were listening to stuff you know Blink 182 would come on stuff like that Would go on there we'd listen to that And then my brother who had this thing Where in the winter time he would switch To country music because he said winter Time was country music and summer time Was alternative music and I guess I sort Of understand that because uh it's just A spirit of the music I guess I don't Know Part of me says that's pretty stupid but The other part of me says I get it Completely I got this feeling I haven't looked at The chat but I just have this feeling That the chat's on a completely Different subject right now that's why I'm not looking over because I end up Getting devote you know really into Whatever's going on over here But it's just a lot of us understand That a lot of us work with people a lot Of us like that you know you know Working with my brother was a little Hit Or Miss because we tend to butt heads Back when my father's business was just Kind of expanding out There was this whole thing about there's Too many cooks in the kitchen Sort of thing everybody wanted to be the Boss all the time and it just didn't Work out very well and it was kind of a Crash and burn I think family businesses

Like that because your family you're Used to being around each other you're Not afraid to tick each other off and Say something to each other all the time And it gets to be where you need that Little bit of Separation like you don't Know each other where you have that You had that reluctance to be aggressive Constantly There was quite a few yelling matches You guys would have been alarmed to say The least to hear some of the stuff that Came out of my mouth yelling at my Brother he would yell back at me I would Yell at him and this was like at the The top of our lungs we would do this You know my mother would be crying Because we we're at their house it was Dad's house we'd go over there but Man All I do is I turn over to the chat for Just a second I see because Duke fans Should be quiet I don't disagree with That so I mean I mean I look over there I was like all right that's good that's Good

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