When Will the Stone Ocean Anime End?

Alright everyone, the stone ocean anime is
here, sort of. There’s a massive problem with it and thats
the fact that the anime is released in batc`hes, and seasons apart from each other. For reference, if the stone ocean anime started
in december 1st and went weekly, we would already be in the final ac of stone ocean,
but because of batches, we got 12 episodes all the way back in december, and after that
nothing, absolutely nothing we have to wait until september in order to get our next batch
of 12 episodes in a single day, and then they'll do it again. But the question is, when is that next time,
and when will the stone ocean anime actually end? Well, to start out we have to factor the fact
that Netflix fucking hates us, Netflix is definitely trying to stall out Stone Oceans
release for whatever reason, so it's possible that we get another batch after this.

Since I highly doubt that they would make
another batch 3 months after the September batch, even though it should've been like
that, it's possible that the stone ocean anime will last well after 2023. But, what if it's possible that Netflix will
screw over stone ocean even more, and make even more batches for stone ocean. Think about it, if they really decided to
put stone ocean in batches, why not double down? Because that ruins everything? Please don't be reasonable this is netflix

So what if, they make each episode of stone ocean
just 6 minutes long. Or roughly a chapter an episode. They do this so that they could have more
episodes of stone ocean which means more batches so that Netflix could do… something I don't
know. But yeah that would mean each batch would
probably be like 2 or 3 fights. Ok but think about this, what if Araki just
forgot. What if Araki will forget about the next few
batches for stone ocean. I mean think about it, this man is 62 and
he's preparing for jojolands, he doesn't have time to be greenlighting stone ocean batches
that was 20 years ago worth of work. He's just trying to focus on jojolands and
make it the best part possible, with the expense of forgetting to make stone ocean weekly and
forgetting about even putting out these batches in the first place, how silly of Araki.

Actually, it's possible that Araki has nothing
to do eith this at all, it may be David Production, and think about it. They're working on the Urusei Yotsura anime,
which by the way let's fucking go glad to see it return I LOVE THAT AS MUCH AS THE LVOE
THE 9.2% OF MY AUDIENCE SUBSCRIBED TO MY CHANNEL, so what if David Production just stopped working
on stone ocean and just made a whole bunch of season of that because Urusei Yotsura is
really cool and has been waiting a long time for the spotlight again. That's right everyone stone ocean will only
get a single day of bright lights. stone ocean is only going to have like 3 days
for new episodes, but uh yeah yeah we need a lot of Urusei Yotsura Ok yeah i think that might be a bit unrealistic,
so maybe instead of that, we have steel ball run animated. Since netflix is making stone ocean release
in batches, maybe to kill time Davidpro is going to start animating part 7 since that
will realistically be around 50 or 60 episodes worth of content, so they might as well get
start on steel ball run shouldn’t they.

pexels photo 3964736

I mean, netflix isn’t letting them release
part 6, so might as well start part 7. So yeah they’ll probably work on that for
a few years while Stone ocean is still getting those batches out there. Ok, so, we have jojolands releasing soon,
so what if davidpro decides to make an animated series for jojolands too. Like while the stone ocean batches come out,
not only will we get steel ball run being animated, but jojolands wil also get a series
in order to hype up the manga releases. Ok, since we have steel ball run and jojolands,
we should also have a jojoli- oh nah, that’s probably not going to happen, but you know
what might happen, netflix collapsing as a corporate entity. NETFLIX RECENTLY HASN'T BEEN LOOKING SO GOOD. THEY’VE BEEN LOSING A LOT OF subscribers
to their platform, it seems very unlikely that netflix will last as long as it takes
for stone oceans batches to finish if they follow my 100% correct theories.

So theres is a big possibility that netflix
actually has to shut down their business. Which means we will have a new era opf business,
where block buster comes back to the top of their throne and we all start going back to
blockbusters. But what would that mean for stone ocean? well , i’m guessing in that situation netflix
would have to sell stone ocean and netflix would probably just go back to being published
in japanese tv and that type of stuff, but there could be achance that stone ocean stuff
does get sold at block buster Well actually, there were a lot of anime that
are being published in weekly releasees, like Komi can’t communicate, but out of all things
they made jojo be released in a batch.

It’s kind of weird for them to do that,
so here’s a theory for all of you. What if netflix is targeting joj oon purpose
and making it worse, so that jojo wouldn’t become so popular. But why would netflix do this? Well it’s possible that netflix wanted stone
ocean to stop jojo’s exponential growth in popularity so that netflix’s dogshit
shws like big mouths could get even bigger, leaving jojo in the dust.

Like it’s just insane that almost every
other show is doing completely fine but they choose jojo of all things to make a batch
release and stunt the growth of jojo. Ok but seriously the last batch is probably
gonna be like summer 2023. It’s really unfortunate it hd to come to
this, but man what could you really do, i guess think about how giorno didn’t even
make it into stone ocean, since that was a bit weird

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