Unorthodox Trane Coil Replacement Techniques w/ Joe Shearer and Anti DIY HVAC

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Oh I was telling Joe the other day and He agreed he had the same thing down There we went to go or I did I went to Go buy a coil from carrier or ICP Whoever it was and the the whole air Handler was like 910 and the coil alone Was Eleven Hundred So I think he did similar to what I did I just bought the whole air handler Slid the coil out slid the new one in Gave them the blower as well as a bonus You know just charge them for a coil Couldn't charge them for the whole unit But just to give them the warranty I did Change the doors And put the doors in you know a new Serial number and registered it for them Without really saying anything but You know they weren't paying for the Whole unit if they had paid for the Whole unit I would have had to swap the Whole unit So I just charged them enough for the Coil replacement it was out of warranty So I charged him enough for the coil Replacement to buy the whole unit Just done a little Parts swapping and They're in good shape they have an old Wiring harness and an old set of heat Strips If they had a new blower assembly and a New coil and drain pan assembly Wow that's an interesting thing right There well that's it without Joe's

Guidance and then I found out that Joe Did the same thing Yeah we just have to find out the new I Have to find out if the new units are Gonna still let us do that or not plus Carrier in ICP are stupid they send you The coil it's like build your own coil With the old coil parts that are all Rusted and corrupted away absolutely What is the deal with that why would They do that hey it didn't even have the The speed thing yeah yeah it was total Build your own out of the slab Two slabs yeah and it's in it it's Rusted completely apart the parts that They say you can still use this from the Factory Yeah you start unscrewing like a 5 16 Screw and the piece of metal that it was Attached to breaks in half it starts Spinning with it like a little flag it's Like easily used Cuts Joe's finger yeah Then you have tetanus and you had to go To the hospital is Carrie you're going To pay for that no sir they will not and They won't return your phone calls Either [Music] Thank you [Music]

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