The Vevor Borescope #hvactech #hvactechnician #hvacpodcast

Now this is a picture of the Boris grip Now unlike the other picture this is not A Google image I don't think this is Just whoever sent this to me this Marketing lady just took a picture of it Sitting by her desk But I mean I don't know a boriscope look How long that thing is I mean I don't Need to check out my sewer line but Having an inspection camera sure is nice So I I'm at I'm gonna give it a try What's the worst thing that could happen It'd be a bomb when it gets here and Just blow up that's about the worst Thing that can happen amen free tools we Ain't gonna lie about them the V4 people Just want uh people to talk about their Stuff So someone will Search for it on the internet and say I Want to buy one of those sixty dollar Things that look like it cost 300 Dollars

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