The Early Trials of an HVAC Company with Stephen Rardon

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Oh man tell us tell us more about your Company man it's been like two x amount Of years yeah Um There for a minute we were up to [Music] We had six people In the company Um One of them was an unpaid bookkeepers Position filled by my father Um And um I had three trucks With the wrap on it anyway and Um Had a junior technician My wife was hired to fill the office Position And then I had a senior service tech and A junior service tech that were Managing the maintenances and service Calls while I Did primarily installs you know anything That wasn't maintenance or service with My Apprentice Um The junior Tech I'm not 100 sure why he had Decided to leave but he Um left early summer time I think Um And then we made it through the summer

Did pretty well Um And my senior service tech Um Had got an amazing job offer and I gave Him my blessing to go give it a shot Um so it was down to me my junior Apprentice and then the wife in the Office Um So the end of summer was kind of a weird Um mind space for me because I felt like I had Developed something And then Felt like the wind came out of the Um right balloon Um but When we made it through 22 2022 And um looked at the revenue year over Year and then compared January's Revenue To January 22. Um we had The best if not well it was the best January we'd ever had Um with Revenue numbers So that helped reinvigorate me to Continue Um Puts a wind back in my balloon so to Speak January is not a real good month For or never has been down here we're a Little bit closer to the coast for those Of you who know Steven's you know hour

And a half away from where I'm at but The coast is can be vastly different Climate than the Raleigh area So January is typically what for you Guys Good bad I always anticipated being pretty blase Um because it's after Christmas after All the holiday stuff where people Spend money frivolously Um But I my dad was my bookkeeper Um and he passed A year and a half ago December 16th Um And so He was my rock in being able to manage Numbers because that was his shtick I do Air conditioners he did math Um But he uh we never got around to like Actually comparing year over year to Kind of figure what a budget Basis should be for the different months Of the year Um and I haven't bothered to pull those Numbers for this broadcast but Um I know why would you I mean why would You best January we'd seen Um with no question Um that was easy enough to look back and I couldn't give you the number Specifically but I think we did a good

50 percent higher than we had ever done In a good month prior the same January Okay well that's uh well that's Impressive Um since your dad was the bookkeeper Since his passing who does the books Um my wife and I uh struggle over That and we have got a phenomenal Um CPA that we Coordinate with I literally went to her while my dad was In the hospital and I said I have no Idea what I'm looking at here help me And she's taking it from there I said if You can tell me what I need to pay for Here I'll give you the money to pay for it But I have no idea to figure out how to Do this and so Um she's been a lifesaver Did you know her before no your dad Became sick okay so that was a brand new Experience with her well they had been Running our Texas but they had not been in that deep Um you know for uh payroll tax or Um sales and use tax I she had never had to do that because Dad did that And when I was talking to her because She emailed me and said hey these taxes Are due just so you know and I'm like I Don't know what the hell you're talking About

I said here's my account number can you Pay them for me because my dad's not so Good right now Um You said okay [Music]

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