Should Ameristar HVAC be Subject to a Class Action Lawsuit?

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So here's one on why Ameristar Chris Blanchard writes nothing but issues with Ameristar AC unit on the fourth a coil Now that ain't good that's that's too Many a coils guys I don't know how many Too many but that seems like too many The copper coils corrode and start Leaking that sounds that sounds accurate Too takes about 12 months to fail I'm Out of pocket about 2k if that's all Four coils or 2K that's a pretty good Bargain but again too bad it has to do That There needs to be a class action lawsuit Out there you know I get a lot of this There needs to be a class action lawsuit There there's a whole lot of that all The time And uh yeah they never happen or they do Happen and then they don't go anywhere Or I'm not quite sure what happens with All of them but there's been a lot of Them over the years and you know what Are you gonna do let's see if we have Anything else on the carrier is the best Hvacr unit that was a narrative hook so You guys would watch that video I Learned that at YouTube school it's Where I make my thumbnails too

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