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hello guys my name is shoail raza and you are watching my channel raza refrigeration on you tube Do you have a ogeneral Split AC? And the AC is not getting proper cooling, and the air flow is not coming properly, and you are sweating even after ac on , and you are not getting good cooling even in one 18'c so friends let's start the video but before that, i want to tell you the, if you have not subscribe my channel yet, then please subscribe my channel and press the bell icon so that the notification of my latest video reaches you first, if you have any problem with your fridge, air-conditioner, washing machine or you want to talk to me on that topic or need any solution, then you can comment me in the comment box if you use Instagram? razarefrigeration777 is my Instagram id, the you can talk to me by following me, Let friends start the video and tell you how to do pump down service to ogeneral split ac First of all you lock the gas of your AC, if the gas is locked, there will be no problem of gas in your AC First you open the cover of the outdoor unit You can see that (in the thick pipe) ice is freezing in the suction pipe, due to too much dust in the indoor unit, ice is freezing in the suction pipe Now let me tell you the process of locking the gas First of all, by turning on the ac, open both the dummy nuts of the valve First of all turn on the AC and close the valve of the discharge pipe (thin pipe) completely with 4 numbers alenki tools Let the AC run for 3 minutes After that you close the suction pipe (thick pipe) with alenki tools After that you turn off the ac with the main switch To take down the indoor unit, you have to open the joint of the indoor unit with the help of sly rang tools After that you open the front cover and take out the filter net To take the indoor unit down, you must also open the wiring cover and the indoor unit and outdoor unit supply Also unscrew the bottom three locks and screws
Also unscrew the three screws on the front of the cover and remove the front cover
Remove the cover by lifting all three locks on top of the cover You can see that a lot of dust has accumulated in the indoor unit, and the indoor unit is taken down
Now remove the display cover
Open the three swing motors of the AC drain assembly and, taking care that the swing motor has a plastic gear, keep it well
The PCB is also opened and separated Unscrew the wire of the fan motor and remove the PCB Now unscrew the earthing wire and remove it After that, by unscrewing all the screws of the cooling coil, the cooling coil is separated After that the blower is opened and separated After that the fan motor is opened and removed
After that the bottom cover of the fan motor is also opened and removed After that the swing flap is also opened and removed Now start washing the cooling coil with the help of jet pump Note that jet pump pressure bout is high and high pressure can damage the cooling coil, clean by lowering the pressure Do not act in haste, do it comfortably when you are satisfied that one is cleaned only then you wash the other parts, the cooling coil is a very special part for the indoor unit, so keep cleaning it till all the garbage is removed Air throw works in AC and air is used in AC and the sound of air cutting comes, then you clean the AC in the same way, believe that your AC will work like new and the electricity bill will also be very useful, air throw It will also increase a lot, the garbage is trapped deep inside, this waste will come out from the pressure of the jet pump.

You can see that there is a lot of garbage and dust in the blower, it is very important to clean it with the pressure, it is not cleaned properly without the pressure. Now all the parts of indoor unit are also cleaned with jet pump presser Now let's clean the drain assembly too, it is very important to clean the drain assembly too, the pressure in the jet pump is too high so that there is no need to rub the parts Now all the parts of indoor unit are also cleaned with jet pump presser
After washing the parts of the AC now, you dry all its parts a little then wipe it thoroughly with a cotton cloth, after wiping all the parts, you start fitting the indoor unit of the AC
Tighten the support bar in the cooling coil as well Also put the cover on the bottom of the fan motor After that also put the swing flap After that tighten the fan motor too
Tighten the fan motor and blower Tighten the screw by applying a cooling coil Connector of fan motor to PCB All three swing motors are also tightened by putting plastic gears The earthing wire of the PCB is also tightened with the body Tighten the PCB by putting it on
Put all the sensors in their place too After that also put the display in its place, and tighten the screw Now let's clean the outdoor unit with a jet pump, it is very important to clean the outdoor unit in a servicing, seeing that there is no garbage in the outdoor unit but it does not happen, when you clean it with jet pump then The accumulated dust will come out of it, and the electricity bill of your house will also be saved by using AC.

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Now, while dying the water, pay attention that the fan motor is installed in front of the outdoor unit, then water can go into the motor by looking at the motor and the motor can be damaged Keep cleaning the outdoor unit until the color of its water changes, it is very important to clean the outdoor unit.

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