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[Music] All right My name is axiuda and this is the HVAC Fake news Nor Tech dealer training has issued a Statement saying they are overhauling Their good better best plan for their Nortech salesman at various companies The new good better best plan will be Good the basic unit Better the mid-tier unit and best will Be MapQuest directions to a ring Dealership In related news Goodman Manufacturing is Doing the very same thing except they Are having a difficult time finding a Better and best option at all Recently caliday's heating and air Responded to a service call at the Boom Boom Room which we've mentioned before They responded very vigorously and when Questioning the tech afterwards said There was a great misunderstanding Because the tech had rushed out because He didn't hear it as possible blown run Cap he heard it as possible blown run Cap bandit In a response to the evolving tool Market redneck tools has decided to go Directly up against the eye manifold With releasing their brand new wireless Refrigerant solenoid instead of using Electricity or any Wireless signal at All it consists of two rednecks one at

Either end of the system one shouting to The other one all right put some more in Now stop In a strange turn of events almost Orwellian in nature HVAC YouTubers are Being docked when other YouTubers don't Agree with them recently my HVAC life Went into hiding for four weeks avoiding John Israel This practice has set a scary precedent For HVAC Recently plans backfired for tedio Mulligan when he tried to get out of Certain attic work by saying he Identified as a fatter Tech Teddy said He was a fatter Tech and thus couldn't Fit through the attic Scuttle hole Unfortunately his company did not Respond in a very empathetic sympathetic Way instead they decided to fire Teddy Teddy said he's going to get a lawyer And sue them as soon as he gets another Job and has money Several HVAC technicians and installers Are getting together to put together Their very first diet book HVAC Technicians don't typically write diet Books but here's a sampling of what you Might find inside After nearly every recipe in the book a Cigarette is required both to reflect on The meal and to give your food time to Digest which is a science thing Also the use of beer after work can help

Flush your system out but because beer Is such a small percentage of alcohol And alcohol does clean stuff it's Suggested to use 12 to 18 beers per Night to make sure your system is clean Also HVAC technicians suggest to eat Your food laying back in your chair at a 45 degree angle especially in the Evening thus when you're watching the Big ball game after you eat in the first Quarter the preceding quarters will have Plenty of food to be eaten as you gather It from atop your belly My name is zax Yoda and this was the HVAC fake news [Music] All right [Music]

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