Lincoln Town Car Guy Explores HVAC Problem on His 2006 Signature Limited

hello everybody today we're going to be exploring 
more in depth a problem that i noticed happened   on my last road trip out of town it's that 
uh 400 mile round trip video that i posted   by popular demand because you guys didn't want me 
to rent cars anymore so i decided the last one i   would take my own car you know because i missed 
it and ultimately because i do love driving it   although exploring other cars is is kind of a 
side project of mine and today couldn't be a   better day to describe and kind of go through 
the issue that i covered in that video but   just briefly it's the problem i have with my hvac 
system and in particular it's where my ac works it   blows cold air the fan works everything works but 
it comes out of different vents and it seems like   i lost the defrost i lost the defrost 
wow it rhymes uh feature uh because now   when i press different buttons uh for different 
zones it it doesn't know it no longer corresponds um with the button so i can tell you a little 
bit more about it i was kind of busy i didn't   have time to go in depth but to to test out this 
theory i'm going to start the car and i tell you   uh you know i'm assuming we all kind of watch 
like this group that watches my channel probably   watches some of the larger channel like uh bill 
from uh house of naples and he always complains   about the hot and humid weather in florida where 
he's at but then i tell you i'm in illinois and   today although it's not a very hot day it's 
probably like 85 degrees oh my god is it humid   you know and i wear glasses too and so i can 
i can relate to the fact that everything is   fogging up now not my viewfinder so 
i can see that but yeah my glasses   you know the whole dripping scenario yes 
that that's happening right now so i am   lucky enough that my ac works but let's explore 
kind of what it's doing or not doing right now   and i do have some paperwork also to share with 
you towards the end of this because i did end up   going to a local repair shop there and very 
small they didn't even have a paved wad but   that uh show you you see right now if you guys 
can see that 106 885 miles all right so anyway   we're gonna get it all the way all right so 
all right so we're gonna start off with vent   with dash we're gonna do the close it off 
and we're gonna just crank it up all the way   all right so you can hear the fan 
the fan is happening right now   see it's 85 degrees so it's not that 
bad but man the humidity is killing me   and i don't like the humidity so check this 
out so coming out of this event back here   these vents yeah yeah it's blowing cold air 
you know considering the car is not moving   but uh when it's when it moves it becomes 
pretty cold and this is since i've added   half a can of coolant there underneath the hood 
there and and everything was fine yeah so i was   some yeah it's cold no problem now i'm gonna 
shut these off so it doesn't steal any more air   and then i usually shut this off here too so i can 
have more air out of this out of these three and   guess what right now nothing nothing is currently 
coming out of either one or you know what   maybe one percent of cold air i can feel through 
these but you know where i can feel real well   look in the feet so i got my classic sandal 
sock combo all right we're gonna go down here   yep it's coming out of here definitely okay i never kind of oh yeah there it is okay i 
was like where is it coming from here it's   coming from the feet right there   okay that's not good that's not what we want i 
wonder is it coming out of the other side too yep yep on the other side there's the same vent   okay so that's not good all 
right let's do the buy level okay so he just switched it's cold that's the thing like i was really 
afraid of not having ac this summer but that's   a different problem all right so let's see yes 
still coming really strong out of the feed area   but now it's probably where the 
before it was probably one percent   now it's probably 10 10 is coming out of here 
so it does have the ability to switch zones   but it's not doing it for whatever the reason is   yeah so it is coming out yeah i mean 
really weak for some reason this vent this event out of this event it comes out 
way stronger than out of these two wow   very straight what about this one yeah it's 
coming out yeah it's about the same so this   side seems to be stronger this side seems 
to be weaker now it's all coming out cold   keep in mind and then right here yeah 
yeah it's this these seem to be unaffected   so yeah feeds he's here wearing sandals yep 
okay now what happens when we switch to feet and i'm using the research so it kind 
of so it's stronger all right so now it does come out of the feed area okay it's 
no longer coming out of here and by the way   none of these levels is coming out of the out of 
here out of the defrost out of the window setting   nothing nope i'm keeping the door 
open so i don't suffocate in here   yeah so the feet seem to be the one that works 
the best pretty much out of all of them now what   happens when we click here yes and none of these 
work right now what happens when we click here okay i felt as i was doing this and it 
was switching inside i felt a gust of   yeah okay so it's coming out of here again but not out of the out of the top and that's 
that's what's going to be the the biggest   problem i think yeah none of it right now 
it's not that big of a deal so right now for   whatever the reason is yeah it's split between 
the feet which i can feel it not as strong as i   should but but the defrost setting i don't feel 
anything out of here out of any one of these   yeah okay now the funniest part is right up here   switching to defrost and at this point i can't do 
the research so now it's no longer coming out of   the feed at all it's coming out of the dash pretty 
strong not a hundred percent but maybe 70 percent   it comes out of here yep yep but 
nothing out of the out of the defrost that is so strange now you know 
the rear defrost is unaffected um yeah i mean it's 60 degrees 
so it's the coldest it's been yeah so not complaining not 
complaining about the how cold it is yeah it comes out the back is fine now i guess 
that there's no back settings like it doesn't   there's no feet i mean settings here so if i just 
shut this off but yeah so technically speaking   you know right now i'm filming this 
it's kind of the middle of august   so um technically speaking i can 
drive the rest of the season like this   and it'll be okay you know i i will get 
my ac i will get my heat no problems you know what maybe i shouldn't say 
that maybe i shouldn't say that let   me actually try to turn off the ac make 
sure i try to increase the temperature   i haven't i haven't tried it on 
on the heat yet so i have no clue no it's coming out warm yeah oh 
yeah it's coming out hot yeah so okay yep so it's called get a c going i hope oh did i just stumble on something else oh 
crap no nope nope nope it took a second it   took a second but it's colder now i was like oh 
my god did i just get it stuck on full heat no   no no no no it's cold okay thank god keep in mind 
like i said it's pretty it's pretty hot today and   humid so it's it takes a while plus the car is not 
going anywhere so all right so now we identified   a problem this is what i did about it first and 
foremost i ran this test i remember this test that   i've done and i saw other people do it so off feet 
auto and i let it cycle you know cycle through   and it did give me an error code so i just did 
it as i was as i was driving i know some people   do it with the car off you know i don't know if 
it's going to give any other result we'll try it but it did give me an error code there on 
the left so we'll try and see what it does come on 12 63 12 63 okay okay so it does give me a call 
but here's the thing when i bought this car   uh it was doing the same thing but the problem 
back then was that actually was a little different   and i didn't do anything about it it would take 
a minute for it to switch let's see if i had it   on the vent here on the dash it was fine it would 
work come out where when it should be but then if   i switch to another level it would take extra 30 
to 60 seconds to switch between these levels so   i didn't really do much about it it's not 
it wasn't that big of a deal for me and   as recent as uh you know a few weeks 
ago it was fine you know okay so i can   turn it off i guess it's just gonna keep 
displaying it until you hit off and then   oh okay so you just switched to auto again 
well you know what i did i didn't check this   out so if i click here where is it 
gonna blow on on the auto setting   feet all right so it's really 
likes the feet setting right now   yeah yeah maybe one percent out of the dash okay 
so that hasn't so this has really no effect on   yeah okay so i guess if i want my feet cold 
that's the best thing to do uh so anyway yeah   i didn't fix anything and i just kept driving 
it and like you know it doesn't doesn't make   that much of a sense if it just takes some extra 
time to switch between the levels what do i care yeah i guess it's really hot oh okay nice okay so 
yeah so switching here somehow somehow switches   it to the vent out of the dash all right 
come on so here's what i did so i stopped by a local place right there this is where 
i stopped really small town shop uh i   blocked out my phone number in case you guys are 
wondering what that is and they had a big sign   on the door any kind of inspections is 16 
so because i didn't really have a whole lot   of options i was like all right fine charge me 16 
tell me what's going on so here's my ac diagnosis   16 paid via card didn't really put anything else 
over here but then he gave me this little piece   of paper to go with it took him about an hour 
and he said that it's my hvac control module   that needs to be replaced now that's his 
handwriting i looked at it i'm like well   i know that there is some dashes in ford 
park numbers can you tell me what those are   because um i don't know what these are and i 
don't know if it's a z or two so he told me 3w1z-19e 624-aaa which is the hvac control module i've 
asked him is it this module this control panel   he said no i'm asking is it that whole blend 
door actuating motor he said no this is a   different part that sits inside your dash and 
he said he couldn't get it he called the ford um   dealership in town there which i filmed at before 
and uh he said that they they don't have this part   in stock it could be something from a junkyard 
it could be something maybe i could find in a   larger city but it's not something that he 
could do for me and he said even if i had it   this thing needs to be programmed to a specific 
car and that's about it so i paid my 16   and i left thinking okay i'll deal with it 
when i get home when i have free time so   i guess my next stop and this will be the next 
video i will try to find this part and my car   is actually due for an oil change pretty soon so 
check this out 100 well you guys can see that 106   825 miles and my next oil change i know 
we're past due on the time but it's 107   200 because i kept driving other cars i didn't 
really you know see if i can well i know it's all   floaty for you guys um yeah i didn't really have 
the time to do anything with it now i do so next   time there's an oil change which is about 300 
miles or so let's see what does it tell me 35 oil   life left i will research this part i'm probably 
not going to buy it i mean i'll check to see if   i can even find it because this guy hannigan 
that's actually the hannigan who's the owner told me that it's really difficult to find uh 
could be i could possibly do it from a junkyard   but at the same time he said that it 
needs to be programmed he needs to be   programmed by a ford tool which once again 
being a small-time shop he doesn't have it   so here we are folks uh i'm not sure what i'm 
going to do with it but the next video i will   show you the tool to the tool the part my kind of 
my search for it what am i going to come across   and next time i need an oil change i will go 
to my mechanic and i'll talk to him about it   we'll see you next time so i'm currently 
running the same test but now the car is off um   i know that when i did it the first time 
i got different results with the car   off and the car on so i'm going to check to see 
if i get anything different this time around nope same thing 1263 1263 
okay here we go now we know

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